Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i think this blog has run its course.
no, seriously, i do.

it's been a hell of a long time since i've blogged and i even wrote an email to my sis stating that i was over updating it. but then i got this tweet:
and, in the same day, the boo told me that i should blog while i'm away at school. sigh. he's right.

so, i am officially retiring this blog. 
and! you can catch me over at my new blog, missDTM, where i'll be bringing you my misadventures as i get ready to go to grad school (and then while i'm away). i'll also be updating my new missDTM tumblr blog with what i call "grad school inspiration".

if you've been following me on my twisted-style tumblr blog, for now, i will be updating it as i have been so no worries there. my twitter will also remain the same. and if you're not following me on instagram, go ahead and add me there (@missdtm).

ciao bacalao!