Wednesday, June 30, 2010

D's art

did this on friday as a tribute to michael jackson after watching "this is it."

the other night, my nephew came to my room to look around. i gave him this piece to give to his mom/my sister and he went running up the stairs saying, "look! art!" i love him. he's so cute.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

D's outfits and my weekend...

it's hot in nyc. really hot. so hot that i am kinda hoping that it will rain and the humidity will go away for a little while because it's making my hair really big and unmanageable to the point where i have given up trying to tame it.

this whole "going all natural phase" is hard.

anyway, i spent my hot ass saturday in brooklyn (my 2nd trip of the year!) at a rooftop party. too bad i'm lame and forgot to take pics.
here's what i wore:
outfit details: skirt - h&m, top - target, new flip flops - old navy (courtesy of my sis!)
this outfit was the BEST "brooklyn-bday-outdoor-rooftop-bbq-then-to-the-heights-for-another-bday-party" outfit.

i woke up super late today and spent my day being lazy...especially after i realized how much hotter it was when i stepped outside to pay the delivery guy for my egg and cheese sandwich. 
so when i ran out to throw some red, white and blue lights on my parent's balcony, i threw on this outfit:
outfit details: hello kitty tank - gift from my awesomely talented artist cousin, shorts - the bf's old pants
 i am obsessed with this new tank. my cousin is awesome.

i also tried to take a pic of my new dr. pepper squeezy lip balm but i failed.
 this pic is still hilarious to me.

i hope everyone had a great (COOL) weekend!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

D's art

this is, by far, the freakiest little color painting thing i've done to date. all with those water soluble crayons on a scrap piece of canvas paper.
my sis has claimed it and we are going to frame it. BUT--the way i cut the canvas paper, it's all crooked and eerie. idk what i was thinking.

i'm pretty happy with what i've been whipping out lately.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D's art

i took these pics. can you believe it? i love how dreamy they are.
the only problem is this:
out of a possible 24 prints, only 6 were printable.
something's up with my settings on my 35mm camera. does someone want to give me a good tutorial? i really love taking pics...but i want to get MORE from the film...
check out more artwork from different artists i know here. everyone's so damn talented.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

D's inspiration

i was loving this week's postsecret.
daily reminder.

the beginning scene of "up" makes me cry...

D's art

new art.
this is what happens when i play with water soluble crayons and canvas paper. idk what the hell i was doing. but i tried. now it's time to mess with some my oil pastels instead.

Monday, June 21, 2010

D's inspiration

i'm really loving watercolors lately. wanna incorporate it into my drawings.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

D's father's day wish

i <3 dad!
i'm wearing the tshirt i got for doing the father's day prostate cancer run earlier today. 
i decided i wanted to cut it a bit...but i may cut it even more...we'll see. i just wanted to wear something appropriate for when i went to have dinner with my parents.
happy father's day to all of the incredible dad's out there...especially my own father!

Friday, June 18, 2010

D's outfits and more about shecky's

i FINALLY found my camera wire so that i can upload pics to my blog. 
*happy dance*

here's what i haven't posted yet:
this is a work outfit from when i was house and dog sitting for a week.
outfit details: black sweater and blue tank - h&m, skirt - f21, shoes - shop in harlem for $20!, dog - OREO...she's cute.

i was super excited to wear this outfit for shecky's but then i snapped some pics of it and i hated it. this pic is i decided to post it.
outfit details: shirt - shop in harlem, skirt - AA, shoes - payless
i wish this skirt fit me a little differently. i need to rethink this.

AND FINALLY--my pics from shecky's:
created by fortune with her goodies and us shoppers.
my girl, colorful brands, found her cousin selling his goodies at shecky's as well. we snapped a pic with him and then i snapped a pic of my their new 2-finger rings. they're really cute....

well, folks, that's it for this week. i hope everyone enjoys father's day on sunday! i'll be in central park running for prostate cancer...


the winner of the Created by Fortune Giveaway

i used a random number generator and the winner is.........

can i just say how much i LOVE her blog...she has some cute clothes...
check your email for a message from me.

if you're still desperate for some created by fortune goodies, you're still in luck!
you have one more week to use the code "twistedstyle" to receive 20% off of your next purchase. it's def worth it...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

D's bday wish

today is a very important day.
happy birthday to one of the most amazing women i mom...


D's outfit

i know, i've been slacking with the outfit posts.

part of the problem is that i couldn't find the cord for my camera and so i haven't been able to upload any pics. excuses excuses. then, photobooth takes strange pics so i wasn't comfortable doing that. i gave in today and just snapped my outfit pics with photobooth.

purple long sleeve shirt and navy cardigan- h&m, shorts - the boo's (i've been living in these shorts and i don't care how big they are for me), belt/scarf - it's so old i don't remember, shoes - payless (i've been living in these shoes--they only cost me $10 and are SOOO comfy).

i've been on a staycation all week and i thought i would have done a lot more than i have...thankfully, i still have tomorrow and the weekend to do more! it's not that i'm not enjoying my staycation, it's that i seriously thought i would be whipping out the artwork everyday. and, yea, not so much.

i promise a post a little later today announcing the winner of the created by fortune giveaway! super excited to award someone with the headband!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

D at shecky's night out

i was lucky enough last night to attend the shecky's girls night out as a guest of created by fortune and damn, did i have a great time.

that event is awesome. i would def recommend it to anyone who wants to go.

ms. created by fortune. she's so cute! and her products are awesome.
me and the girls...we probably had too much fun.

and this is me today in my created by fortune bow tie that i'm wearing as a headband!
oh--and my really cool 2 finger ring. love it.

don't forget to enter the created by fortune giveaway!! and if you decide to go to shecky's, make sure you stop by her booth and say hi.