Monday, January 31, 2011

big curly hair

guess who i met in person!
(btw--how amazing does our hair look in this pic?!?)

and here's a shot of me in the shorts i made for myself (no pattern used):
that pic does no justice for my handmade crocheted shorts...

so the story behind those shorts goes a little something like this:
me (on a tuesday): i wanna make some shorts to wear to the boo's bday party. but the online free patterns  are all corny.
my friends: i don't know how you're going to do that...
tuesday after work - i picked up yarn, started working. 
by friday, 4am - the shorts were done.
i was able to wear them for the boo's bday party at night.
and the rest is history.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

D's snow day!

You read that correctly, I'm on a snow day! Which means no complaining about slipping and sliding or falling or anything like that.

I finally had a chance to clean up so I reorganized the top of my dresser and hooked up my jewelry. I'm much happier with this set up. I even parted with some stuff that I had for a while! I have so much more jewelry that I need to go through and organize soon.

Our internet is still up and down here at home so checking blogs and doing better blog posts is not possible right now. Which means I'll be spending my snow day doing other constructive things!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry for the complaints

This is quite possibly the worst winter we've had in nyc in a really long time. I've been in my snowboots are 2 weeks straight...but I am desperate to wear some cute shoes! It's also the second morning in a row I've walked to the bus and I'm happy to report I did not fall this time.

So you're probably wondering what the pic is all about...? It's where the bus should be but is currently not. I live at the end of the bus line, which means that the buses stack up, which means that at least you know one is almost (hopefully sooner rather than later) ready to go...but there is none. I'm worried. I should have timed how long it takes one to show up and then load passengers...

Well, I hope everyone else around the country is having better weather! I'm seriously just looking forward to my vegas trip next month. I hope it doesn't snow there (apparently it has and could possibly). I know us new yorkers are suffering!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate this nyc winter

I'm blogging from my phone again. Why? You're wondering. Several reasons:

1. My internet at home is not working right now.
2. I don't have pics of my newest creation yet. (Anyone who saw me on friday knows what I'm talking about).
3. I'm on a bus going to work.

And while I'm on my way to work, do you know what happened to me? I fell! Seriously busted my shit and fell! Mind you, I was trying to safely walk to the bus but noooooo, this stupid snow had another thing coming. This fresh layer of snow made it seem like there was no ice left on the sidewalk (just snow) so it didn't matter how slowly I walked, I was bound to fall. I'm not even sure why I wear my super snow boots anymore if I'm still gonna fall.

But I won't let this turn into a terrible no good day. Oh no. What I might do is just sled to work this morning so that there's no more falling. Or throw snowballs at people who cut me off while I walk slowly from the bus to the train to work. OR! I might...ok, I don't have anymore but I will be treating myself to something extra yummy for breakfast (egg and cheese please!).

Oh, and the pics? The 1st is my 'hood (after I fell, a block down) and the 2nd are my boots all covered in snow after my fall. Damn snow.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

it's the boo's bday

i don't want to get all barf-tacular on you, but i do need to say this:

i want to wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful man in my life...
...i hope this year treats you well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

D's wishlist

swirl is having an awesome sale that ends today.

how desperately do i want these pieces?

at 50% off, i still can't afford them.
sigh......a girl can dream.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


...i had the day off.
i spent it: 
playing bananagrams with the boo, updating my planner, and playing games on my ipod touch (which i LOVE)

i've been trying to update my blog from my blackberry but it won't let me. does anyone know how to fix that problem?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New in the shop!

i have been super duper tired lately so blogging hasn't been on the top of my to do list...although i think about it everyday. i'm not quite sure what's up with me feeling this way--maybe it's because i have completely cut down on coffee? or the way i sleep? or...i don't want to say it because i fear the repercussions--i'm getting sick
that would be terrible. whenever i get sick, i get SICK. so i am doing everything i can to prevent anything from happening to me this year.

i have taken the time to update the shop though. i have some new stones that i'm working with so the effect is pretty cool. there's some stuff i need to rotate out of the shop but for now there are two new rings you can check out here and here.

side  note: i actually took the time yesterday to update my "about me" section here on the blog, as well as my twitter account avatar and bio. i'm not sure how i feel about both bio's...but i'm working on them. for some strange reason, it's hard for me to talk about myself. in the meantime, you can check it out. and when i update it again, i will let you know. i'm thinking about writing a longer bio here on my blog...we'll see though...

i'm happy it's saturday, and the weekend, and a 3 day weekend. anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

D's books

i'm exhausted this AM and feel like my outfit will be very uninspiring so i thought to myself, "it's time to take a pic of the books i received this christmas and the one i'm currently reading." 
(if you watch "big bang theory", then you know where that reference is from)
from bottom - the joy of cooking, stitch 'n bitch superstar knitting, the afro-latino reader (all gifts)
currently reading - life of pi by yann martel
and yes, my ipod touch (a gift) is hanging out on top of the pile because i will be reading alice in wonderland on it when i'm done with life of pi.

i'm pretty tired this morning but what's making me excited is the fact that i will be having dinner with friends tonight. i feel like this might be one of those weeks when i'm exhausted the whole time. i'm SO looking forward to having next monday off though...

happy tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

D's earrings

remember that promise i had to show you something new i received for christmas everyday?

well, here's another gift--those earrings i'm wearing in this pic. my outfit is not that interesting to show but the earrings are so here you go.

my weekend was filled with wonderful friends, wonderful food, wonderful gifts and the opportunity to watch some friends of mine get engaged! it was amazing. i know the holiday season is officially over (my sis took the tree down yesterday!) but i feel like this holiday season has been absolutely wonderful. and i don't want it to end.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 kings

today is one of my favorite days:

in my family, that translates to more presents. and family time, of course. but mainly we exchange small gifts to each other in celebration of the day.

this year, my mom bought me a not so small present:

a new coat!

i probably desperately needed a new "snow/warm" winter coat since the one i had from college i donated last year. my mother, being as fabulous as she is, took me out shopping on monday and bought me this one. she actually picked it out in the store, and i have to admit that i am in love with the large lilac collar. she has an awesome eye for these things.

i haven't mentioned, but this weekend i am going out to new jersey to spend time with some of my bff's. this is the 3rd year we're doing secret santa together and i'm pretty excited. last year, my secret santa made me cupcakes. i'm not really sure how my secret santa this year will be able to top that...

happy thursday, folks!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

D's outfit

yesterday marked my first day back at work and so i wore this outfit:

outfit details: shirt - given to me, blazer - h&m, skirt - AA, boots -

and because i said i would showcase something new that i got for christmas, here's another pic:
those gorgeous earrings were given to me by the boo's mom.
and it's also my new hat! it's a blue and purple version of the one i blogged about yesterday. and someone on the elevator at my job complimented me on it and that completely made my day. i literally sit at home in my pj's with it on...that's how much i love it.

if you'll be my bodyguard, i can be your long lost pal. i can call you betty. and, betty, when you call me, you can call me al!
i love that song. it's been stuck in my head for 3 days now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

D's catch up

here i am, catching up since it's been a few weeks. 

to recap:
the boo + me + his bff + his bff's gf = nyc santacon. i was dressed as an elf!
potluck dinner parties with coloring and a game named "celebrity" = way too much fun. and way too much food.
 new years 2011. (my hair was looking GOOD that night).

and just for fun, here's a pic of a helmet i made for myself:
because i wanted to. and because finding a crocheted pattern for an aviator hat is kinda hard.

Monday, January 3, 2011

D's back

unfortunately, i have to rush this post. i'm spending the first day of the work week on a little shopping and lunch trip with my mom (i desperately need to purchase a brand spankin' new moleskin daily planner). i was going to do a catch up post with some pics of what i was up to while i was on my little break, but i just don't have time for that.

then i decided that since i wanted to spend some posts highlighting my awesome christmas gifts, that's how i would start the new year.

so viola:
new watch from the boo (this pic does NOTHING for this watch--it's so much prettier!), bracelet from the boo's dad (he did REAL good this year).

i'm starting to look more and more like a gypsy everyday with all of the jewelry i have been wearing. sweet.

happy monday, folks!