Friday, April 30, 2010

D's friday favs + another outfit

ok, so i am officially doing friday favs. it's my new thing.

so clever and so beautiful. i love this lace skeleton.

both necklaces are so lovely. necklace 1, necklace 2.

i absolutely love the scarf in her hair. umm, yes, i will be doing this!

i have a bowl chair that just gets all of my clothes piled on top. if mine looked like this, i probably wouldn't do that.

and here's the outfit i'm wearing today:
outfit details: shoes and shirt - h&m, tights - modell's, shrug - UO

i needed a day to wear something casual and cool. i spend monday-thursday and saturday in business clothes but this weekend i will have to dress up saturday night for a fundraiser no dressing down again until sunday.

and here's my favorite part about fridays!

1.  My absolute favorite movie of all time is      aladdin. it's the only movie i used to watch over and over again in hs and college to make me feel better.   .

2.  My favorite movie as a child was      mostdefinitely gremlins. .

3.  The best movie quote ever is       "welcome to fight club. the first rule of fight club is-you do not talk about fight club. the second rule of fight club is-you DO NOT talk about fight club!...and the 8th and final rule: if this is your first time at fight club, you have to fight"    .

4.  My favorite actress is       meryl streep. she's incredible. i watched "julie and julia" last weekend and can't understand how she DIDN'T win the oscar for her role in that movie. incredible!     My favorite actor is      ed norton. wow.    .

5.  The movie I could watch over and over is     definitely "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind." what an incredible movie. i might throw that on now   .

6.  My favorite movie genre is      hmmm...idk....   .

7.  A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is      "hook" it's on demand so i watched it the other night and haven't been able to stop saying, "ru-fi-ooOOooOOOoOo!"    .

happy friday!
i owe my two pen pals letters...and i might go for a run later...such beautiful weather in nyc!

D's outfit

ok, this outfit is from february.

how do i know that?

it's because i'm dressed as mariah carey for a black history month celebration i went to.
outfit details: dress/shirt thing - so old i can't remember, fur coat - h&m on sale for $20, big butterfly ring - f21, shoes - harlem for $12

i totally love this outfit.

oh and btw--i got a weird response from yesterday's post. sorry it was such a bummer...just some stuff i've been thinking about. i don't usually share my feelings with the world like that but it was on my mind. i'm totally ok now and not really thinking about stuff as much as i was yesterday (even though i am still reading that book...ekkkkkkkkkkkk!). i didn't mean to preach about those things...i feel bad now.

i'm totally ok now though. i promise.

i'm excited for the weekend!!!!

happy friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

D's confusion

my inner sociologist is going crazy.

i'm reading no impact man and it's having a total impact on me. i keep thinking and wondering, "what's my part in the world? what's my purpose? how can i truly and sincerely make a difference? what am i doing that i can do differently?"

ok, that's heavy.

sometimes i think about how cruel humanity can be.
how mean people are to each other, to other living organisms, to our planet.

and yes, that's even heavier.
it weighs on me. i don't know why. maybe i'm having some weird quarterlife crisis again. i don't know.

i don't know where i'm going with this other than to say that i'm thinking about it. 
i hope that pretty soon i will stop thinking about it and will start making a difference.

i guess that's all for today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

D's accomplishment

This weekend I did something that I would consider big. Like so big that when people ask about a goal I wanted to accomplish, I'll be able to say, "well, there was this one time..."

If you've been following me on twitter, you might know what I'm talking about. Yesterday I ran my very first half-marathon (the more women's half-marathon to be exact). Yes, I'm talking about 13+ miles of running. And if you live in ny, you'll know how unfriendly the running conditions were yesterday-it rained! And it wasn't just any rain, it was a cold rain that soaked me down to the bone. Literally. After 3 hours of running, I hopped in the shower and couldn't tell if the water was hot or cold. My whole being was just that cold.

But now I'll have another notch in my "things I've done" belt that feels big. Like, when you graduate college or make it through your very first break up w/ a boy or buy your first pair of expensive shoes. Ok, maybe not shoes but still...this will go down in my book as something amazing that I did. I'll probably remember the way my body felt right after-the pain in my knees, the tightness in my muscles. But there was also this sensation of pride. 

Because, I did it. I really did it.

It makes it that much better that they gave out medals at the end too. So official.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm not a body with a soul, I'm a soul that has a visible part called body.
-paulo coelho

Friday, April 23, 2010

D's outfit

i forgot/was lazy/didn't get around to taking any other pics of my outfits this week but i remembered that i had these pics from last friday.

outfit: white shirt - zara, sweater, headband and jeggings - h&m, boots - payless, bracelets - all over

finally purchased jeggings and i am kinda living in them.

happy friday!

D's friday favs

i'm at it again with another friday favs! it might be because i am a tad obsessed with fill in the blank friday over at the little things we do blog.

first things first:

i desperately need a graph paper sketchbook to practice my type in.

i've become the only garden nut lately. i need to check on my own garden today but i love love love these wildflower arrangements.

slanelle's style is just cute. reminds me of stuff i would/do wear.

this artist has inspired me to once again pick up a damn paintbrush and move some paint around. my mind is really starting to race.

and own fill in the blank answers:

1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is     "i'm just a girl" by no doubt. i remember my sister and i jumping around in our house to this song. oh--and vanilla ice "ice ice baby" i actually remember the first time i ever saw that video.   .

2.  My first concert ever was     incubus. i was a freshman in college and i was obsessed with them .

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there:      incubus, gnarls barkley pink, justin timberlake, no doubt and outkast    .

4.  The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is      the other night in the car people were talking about az yet's "last night" as a boot knocking song.    .

5.  The best concert I've ever been to was     most definitely no doubt out in long island. it was a perfect summer's night, the concert was by the water and i knew every single song they sang. it was amazing    .

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was        gnarls barkley in central park. one word--AMAZING  .

7.  The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is      erykah badu's "window seat"    . 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day

forgot to say earlier, happy earth day.
check out craftzine's article on the beautiful potted plant above.
<3 it. 

D's lusting for...

these have been popping up on the blogosphere..and not to jump on the bandwagon, but the pieces are just too gorgeous to NOT show on my blog.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

D's thoughts: outdoor spaces

i can't wait to see my garden bloom this year. i planted some tomatoes, peppers, parsley, basil, etc over the weekend.

outdoor eating spaces i love:

potted plants and flowers i love:

sitting areas i love:

when nature takes over:

happy tuesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

D's thoughts: inside spaces

i love looking at other people's apartments...

sleeping spaces i love:

eating spaces i love:

living room spaces i love:

working spaces i love:

reading spaces that i love:

random apt things i love: