Sunday, May 24, 2009

the weekend's not quite over!

so far my weekend has consisted of:
  • riding around in the crv with dunkin. (she has the longest legs ever! haha)

  • flower making for my sorority sister's wedding:

(holler at my skillssssss)

can you believe each flower is made out of a few coffee filters, some floral tape and...that's it! such a creative way to put together center pieces for her wedding. we've made a few over 100 and still have about 200 more to make!

today i plan on:
  • spending time with the family
  • eating
  • relaxing after my 2 mile run
  • hoping to see the bf
  • renovating my room
i might need to take some before, during and after pics of that process. it's been a hot mess for a while...

Friday, May 22, 2009


i straight up just stole this from another blog.

which she got from here.

believe it or not, i own seasons 1 and 2 on dvd...and have always, always, always loved red fraggle.

memorial weekend

holler at my 4 day weekend. been feeling sick all damn week, slept till 11am today, got up, cleaned a little, ran for 1.5 miles, showered, now i'm back to cleaning.

and it's only 1:30!

the rest of the weekend, i plan on:
  • eating
  • running
  • shopping
  • cleaning
  • hanging with my sorority sisters
  • arranging my room (finally!!!!!!)
  • hopefully making some art
  • sunbathing
oh...and hopefully i can convince my parents to come over and bbq for me. woohoo!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

best way to wake up in the morning

yesterday, it was this video (sorry for the shitty quality):

this morning, it was this video:

Monday, May 18, 2009

i'm on a roll today with the posts...trying to beat rain for the most amout of posts in one day...

guess who scored some tickets to the p!nk concert...............YES! ME!

super excited. too bad i need to wait till october...booo...

Please Dont Leave Me - P!nk

emo rain

just wanted to show how emo rain is.


and post his blog up too. he would kill me if i didn't share it.

weekend outfit

my ladies are so stylish!

we spent saturday night celebrating laurel's bday with an AMAZING dinner party with AMAZING food. laurel is a great cook. she needs to host more dinner parties. yours truly was serving soco and lime shots. i think i might have a career ahead of me as a bartender.

check out my ladies' blogs/websites:


i love this blog and love this outfit.

i wish i had all the money in the world to spend on my outfits.

Friday, May 15, 2009

hot bootie shorts

sorry all...been kinda MIA.
spent some time at the bf's house in the city but i'm back!

i've been staring at this image off of another blog for a while now. i'm thinking about making the shorts for my bday this summer. i can only imagine myself, sitting at the beer garden, pitcher in hand, crocheted bootie shorts...ah...summer. gotta love it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


i have a serious obsession with forever21 right now.

i FINALLY received a package in the mail that i've been waiting for!! the following items that i am so so so excited to wear:

i ordered a top that is no longer on the website though...hmmmm...sold out already??

anyway, i think i am going to place another order! haha. i can't help myself...


my girl is so talented!

if you haven't already checked out, you need to. like, right now.

otherwise, check out the laureluxe blog, where you can read more about my girl, her line and see some dope pics from some photo shoots.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

no doubt

guess who got tickets for the no doubt concert at jones beach???????????? your girl right here! i truly have the best sister in the whole world.

that's going to be an awesome way to start my summer concerts. then i get to see incubus in august with my boo.

last night i spent some time doing a little tipsy online shopping. i woke up this morning with emails from and confirming my order. i was like, "word??" i had to check the order...luckily they were all things i was thinking about purchasing anyway.

and btw--i've been saying "holler" a lot lately. i think i might end all of my entries with that.