Thursday, August 27, 2009


today, my weirdo little puppy turns 3.
ok, she's not a puppy anymore but she will forever be a puppy to me.


happy birthday!! i'll be sure to bring home a nice big treat...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

crabby crab

found this on rain's blog and it intrigued me. we're both the same astrological sign so i read the whole entire thing from top till bottom.

most of the stuff on there i already knew about myself (yes, i am crabby, loyal, sensitive, i shut down when i'm upset, i get into moods where i think everyone hates me, etc etc.). what i didn't realize about cancers until i read the description was this:

Each and every experience affects him and gets engraved in his memory. Cancerians remember everything life has taught them and are true patriots. Past intrigues them and they love to collect antiques, old treasures and ancient relics.

i am a true believer in learning from life and keeping those lessons close to my heart. i never like to make the same mistake--especially if i wasn't happy. jackie and i tend to talk a lot about what we've learned from life and how knowing that information keeps us from making the same mistakes twice and pushes us forward in life. i think my life would be boring if i didn't.

i also noticed that when someone intrigues/interests me, i want to know things about them. to me, people's pasts are what make them who they are today so in order to get a full picture of a person, knowing where they came from is important. usually i want to know how they met their significant other, where they went to school, what types of professions they've had, how they met their friends, etc etc. i know people take it as snooping but i don't think about it that way. it's creating a full picture of someone so that i can fully know who this person is.


so now i wonder...are these just other traits of cancers that i didn't realize before?

there's a she wolf in your closet.... (today might as well be called "sexy woman day")

ok, if i die tomorrow, i want to be shakira in my next life.

she's beyond talented - releasing both english and spanish albums, she's tiny, cute, and can dance. if she were to start acting, she would be an all-around threat.

this video (which i'm posting for pemora since she shocked me this morning when she said she hadn't seen it), made the song for me. i didn't really give this song a fair chance because the radio just doesn't do it any justice. but this video--it made me take notice. and now i can't stop singing, "there's a she wolf in disguise...coming out, coming out, coming out."

oh jessica rabbit, how i love theeeeee....

i'm not a movie buff. i literally saw "back to the future" for the first time ever last year. (yes, yes, i know. that was a classic from the 80's that i should have seen already). i sometimes feel like my lack of movie knowledge is not only holding me back socially, but also proving to people how completely dumb i am. i hate playing that game-"name that quote!" and really hate trying to remember actors in movies.


there are some movies that i loveeee.

growing up, "who framed roger rabbit" was my FAVORITE movie of all time. i think i watched it a million times on tape all day on saturdays to keep my busy. the idea of the cartoon world coexisting with the human world intrigued and delighted me...till this day, cartoon movies are my absolute favorite.

although roger rabbit was my favorite in the movie, there's something about jessica rabbit that is just so incredibly sexy. even as a young girl i knew that she was (and probably still is) the definition of sexy.

look at her! in her red dress, purple gloves. her face is half covered!

and then...there was THIS scene in the movie. a cartoon girl seducing men? wow.

if i could sing, this might be the 1st song i would learn.

thank you showtime for replaying this movie!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


today is officially inspiration day for me!

mexican sugar skulls.
the bf and i are going to make some soon. i've also been drawing them all over my sketchbook like crazy. i love love love all of the shapes and colors.

Monday, August 24, 2009

a great way to start your week...


this is a great way to start your week:

i have some amazingly talented friends from college (holler at pratt institute). actually, talented doesn't even describe how much is really there. and by "much", i'm talking about how:

AMAZING (yes, i am using that word to describe them again)

THEY are.

sometimes i wish we could all live together again--back in the day, dorming was the best way to bounce some amazing ideas off of each other. what my friends don't realize is that i have some stuff in the works...and i fully plan on taking them with me on this new journey...

anyway, i missed ms. sammy b's collection at bikini under the bridge. her work is so colorful, innovative and different. the pics always come out great and this video is just even better.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


howdy folks,

i just added my flickr account to the bar on the right hand side. when you get a chance, check it out to see some of my art!

i hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

this song is totally underrated

greg and i are sitting around listening to music...and then i remembered how much i love this song.

why can't i buy it on itunes??????

total bummer.

anyway, found it on youtube. had to post it.


oh...and have a great weekend.

how could you be so heartless??????

maybe kanye is a musical genius....

i've heard a few covers of "heartless" and love love love every single one of them.

then, the fray comes out with this cover and video. first of all, the song alone is done beautifully. but this video...? this VIDEO! is just amazing.

unlike my sis, who first posted this, i KNOW who the fray is. and i kinda love them.

uptown squared show opening

i'm a jackass.

yesterday was the opening day of the 12x12 show at the gadson gallery and i didn't get any pics of me standing by my work (or jessie's work...or general howe's work! dammit). blame it on the beers i had prior to going, or the fact that it was hot in the place, or that there was a man seated in front of my work the WHOLE DAMN TIME i was there...either way, i only snapped this shabby pic of my 2 paintings with my phone, twittered about it and bounced.

either way, i'm happy with the way things turned out. my paintings were placed right next to the window so anyone who walks by will see it. and i noticed that quite a few people stopped and took some pics of my work...hooray!

special shout outs to everyone who showed up and hung out with me or wished me lots of luck!
my sis, my bro in law, my step niece, my bf, greg, jermaine, tina, nico, laurel, melly, melinda, jenina, ricky, udee, jelo, and my parents.
if i forgot anyone, SO SORRY! it was a long

Thursday, August 20, 2009

mid-afternoon treat

amazing illustrations by antoinette-fleur.

summer essentials...

kinda late with this one but the summer took so damn long to get here.
here's MY list of summer essentials.

1. iced coffee from dunkin donuts. the greatest way to start your morning.
2. denim cutoffs (surprisingly). i retired this style back in hs but have recently started to rock it once again.
3. my blackberry and camera. i can't live without them.
4. my moleskin sketchbook and pencil case (to carry my markers and pens!). i just never know when i'll need them...
5. EVERYTHING cotton -- dresses, skirts, tops. i would be too damn hot in anything else.

6. a great pair of $5 shades from a street vendor in harlem.
7. headbands. lots and lots of headbands. <--click those links to see how i wear my headbands (on sale through my etsy store)!

8. layered bracelets. i can't get enough of them. (the ones pictured below are both from UO).

9. incubus tickets at radio city. AMAZING concert.
10. all things flowers - flower print dresses, flower necklaces, flower hair clips. i have been rocking flowers all spring/summer.

i hope you're all doing better than i am in this heat!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blog surfing as usual....

i blog surf. a lot. i have too many blogs saved on my google reader and my bf complains that i don't talk to him enough when he's over because i'm spending way too much time looking at blog posts (sorry sweetie...i know you read my blog and you'll see this!). my response is always, "i'll be done soon, i'm just doing some know, connecting to people via their blogs. blah blah blah." which is also code for, "i love love love love love done in a minute!").

but, blog surfing is more than just that to me.

it's a chance to be inspired.
a chance to learn something i wouldn't have otherwise.

that's why i sometimes post images and things i find from other blogs.....usually they are the things i really really really want to remember so i post for my own selfishness.

anyway, this is what i'm loving today:

thinking about building a crazy garden in the backyard with my sister's permission. this porch area is just how i want to start--potted flowers in the garden, benches, lots and lots of greenery. it really doesn't matter that we both have allergies. (yea right).

now, these images are A-mazing. i love how chaotic everything is...but all of the colors and shapes and everything just goes together so nicely. whenever i think about my space possibly looking like this, i always think i will just want to keep cleaning it up...sigh.......

and finally, because i love graf. and this is just the most amazing piece ever. well, not ever since i have a super secret obsession with os gemeos. but this piece!! wow. it's in now i'm trip to philly....? that might need to happen...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and the winner is.........


email me so that i can get your address and send you a nice little package.

THANKS AGAIN to all of those people who entered the contest! if you really really really want a headband or some other goodies, please check my new etsy store!

hottest day of the summer in ny and all i had to do was work work work.

WOW has it been hot. i've been waiting all summer for some heat and suddenly--BAM-it's so hot, all i want to do is stay indoors and sleep.
yesterday, i finished up my paintings for the gadson gallery 12x12 show (which opens on thursday--check it out!),  then i had to run out to the city to drop them off. the pieces look dope and i'm really excited about the way they came out.

i've been working on my etsy store as well...which is OFFICIALLY OPEN and you can check that out here. there are a few things left that i want to do for the shop but i am definitely open for business!

the winner of the contest will be announced later today. i'm off to the pool with my nephew, step-niece and bf!

outfit details: hat - h&m ("borrowed" from my brother in law), shirt - french connection (taken from my sister), skirt - american apparel (it's actually a, earrings - from the street, gold necklace - from my sister, leaf necklace - a gift from jackie.


only a few more hours before i pick a winner.

make sure you enter my give away now!

click here to leave a comment to be considered for the drawing!

Friday, August 14, 2009

as promised.....

which headband from the newest collection will be included?
which little green man?
what about the fake 25 cent gold ring?
the little penguin?
and my signature headbands....which one could be yours?


i've been MIA.............

tuesday was my last day in the city before i ran out to the hamptons for a few days w/ the boy.

Linkbefore i left, i had mamasushi with the sister and bf. i love that place. such yummy sushi.
if you're in the city and want to take a ride uptown, you should stop by...def worth it.

then i was off to see some friends before they leave for school. so sad. bye bye jonathan!

the two people who are leaving me....damn them. but check out my newest headband. holler.

the chicas in the bathroom. ha. we had to do it.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twisted-Style GIVE AWAY #1

Dear Friends, Family, Foes and Fans,

i've been busy busy busy in preparation for my Etsy shop grand opening and want to give my readers the chance to win some stuff from the store.

the mystery box will include 2 of the items shown in the pics below (hmmm, which ones??? idk...) plus some other great goodies. i will be releasing a sneak peak into the box in a few days, so keep checking back.

to enter:
please leave a comment below for one entry into the contest before noon EST on august 18th. if you twitter/blog about this contest, you will receive one extra entry (so leave the link to your post in your comment!).
*all entries will be added to the Twisted-Style email list. leave a note if you DO NOT (sadness) want to be added to the list.

bye bye "morgan morgan morgan"

saturday night i had to attend the going away party for my friend, brenda aka MORGAN!

the three chicas--me, brenda, jelo.
there was a tub in the backyard and we couldn't resist a quick photo shoot.

wearing--f21 dress, lots of gold jewelry.