Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ooo to get doc marten's or not to get doc marten's.

i have been thinking and thinking and drooling over these boots for some time now and am unsure if i should fully commit to buying them. they remind me a lot of the grunge period when i was in middle school so they would definitely make me feel like a 12 year old...but...i still am kinda in love with them.


after seeing this picture, it might be time to make the plunge and get the boots. her outfit is beyond fabulous.


Monday, June 29, 2009


i love these photostrips. it makes me think about how one day i might be able to afford to have one in my own house. that way, when i am feeling inspired, i can sit in my photobooth with my friends and take pics. sweeeeeet.

my cousin, tina, sends me the great links. she's like the informed artist i would and could never be.


these paintings are pretty incredible. i love the details and the colors. makes me realize my lazy butt is screwing up. crap. i need to start painting again!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

flower time

i sometimes make headbands.

yes, the one i am wearing in this pic is one i actually made.

i wore all black today. i think MJ's death is making me depressed. but i knew i needed to wear a bit of color. so i threw on a headband.

ok, so i desperately need to start an etsy shop to sell these suckers. they're cute, right? the problem is, every time i make one, i want to keep it so what's the point?????

sigh....gonna go listen to "PYT" by MJ again...

not sure if you saw this on my twitter....

"spotted: alf in harlem. holler."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

my tribute to michael jackson...RIP....6/25/09

i was at work when i heard the news. my girl, brenda, made an announcement on the loud speaker. not sure any of us believed it.

went to moca for drinks to celebrate his life in style with a peach martini. saw on twitter that people were at the apollo listening to his music and celebrating his life. i ran over there.

honestly, at the beginning, being in harlem and watching the people sing MJ's song...very emotional. to get that many people together to celebrate his life is overwhelming.

as the media came out, it was clear that people were putting on a show for the camera. although i was thoroughly enjoying listening to his music, singing his songs and watching people dance, i had to wonder about the media making it such a circus.

i hope, that in death, MJ finds some peace. i hope that people continue to be inspired by his music, videos and dancing. i hope that he forever lives in the music...he will be missed greatly.

RIP MJ, 1958 - 2009.

i've seen this image on a few blogs here and there....

...so i sent the bf a link to it...

me: http://littlerooms.wordpress.com/2009/06/25/theres-nothing-i-dont-like-about-this/
that skeleton ring/bracelet thing is AMAZING
the bf:
yeah, that thing is pretty crazy

i don't think you understand how BADLY i want one.

this is why family is awesome.

my wonderful cousin, TINAAAAA, loves the headbands i make. seriously, if i were to ever go into business for myself, i think she would just buy all of them and leave me...broke! because, i really wouldn't charge her. whatever she would want, i would just give to her.

anyway, i gave her a few headbands last time i saw her and she gifted one to her intern. her intern is so adorable!!!! anyway, shout out to tina and vera who are rocking my headbands all the way in DC. once i start my own etsy shop, they will be the first to receive gifts and discounts and lots of stuff from me!

my friends are ridiculous

my sorority sister sent me this summer challenge this morning and asked me if i was interested in doing it.


yes. i am interested in working out my body.

but......summer feat?? are you serious??..........................................................................................

ok, i am considering it. i can't lie. it looks a little crazy but crazy is my middle name, right? besides, being active and healthy is a good thing so i might as well try my hardest (can you tell i am trying to convince myself of this). i was the best at organized sports--i really loved working with a team to get shit done. so this is my chance to do this the right way.

wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i almost pee'd in my pants when i saw these images

...since i really really really love tim burton and think he's a cinematic genius! his images are just fantastic, beautiful, breathtaking, omg i could go on forever and ever.

although i've missed a few of his movies in the theater thanks to being lazy as hell and not wanting to spend $50 on a movie i may or may not like (ok, maybe not $50...but it's damn expensive)...this one screams missDTM and i will be sitting in a theater completely freaked out and drooling over ever minute of this movie.

i love you, mr. burton.

the email i wrote to my friends regarding my bday:

"howdy folks,

believe it or not, july is right around the corner and my bday will be here way sooner than i expected.

i actually went from thinking i wouldn't do anything, to scheduling a full week (and a half) of activities. i would love love love love love to see you all at some point during the celebration, so i am sending along the schedule now. details for certain events will follow.

hopefully, the pics of me when i was younger will entice you to come and celebrate with me. i hope to see you at something (or all!!) of the events since there should be something for everyone on the schedule!

july 10th (friday) - mini golf and beer garden at randall's island after 2pm till....?
july 11th (saturday) - my bday!! wherever you go, snap a pic of you having a drink for me and please send it along!
july 13th (monday) - if the weather permits, after work drinks in yonkers! take the metro north train to yonkers and the outdoor bar is right there. literally, a 20 minute ride on the metro north...
july 15th (wednesday) - harry potter movie opens and i will be celebrating at the movie theater with a hot dog and white cherry slushie after work!!!!
july 16th (thursday) - chicago stepping at lincoln center (it's free!). come watch me make a fool out of myself.
july 17th
(friday) - beer garden in queens... i hear it's nice and so i think i'll get started at 2 and will close them down!!
july 18th
(saturday) - during the day i will be slip and sliding/picnicing somewhere...lol...i hope!, at night - bonnie and i will be celebrating UPTOWN at a lounge for some dancing and drinking.
july 19th
(sunday) - bday celebration kickball at the park for me and alex. bring your coolers, beers, liquor, etc, etc for some fun competition. game starts at 1pm.

i'll resend this email around july 9th with the details that are missing. otherwise, hit me up on my cell!



i really did write that email and send those pics. holler at me.

oh drake

how i love thee. let me count the ways....

even though you look like a huge dork...and you were on degrassi. i can't help it if your music makes my heart flutter a little every time i hear your voice.

shout out to valerie, who follows my blog and posted this awesome song on her blog. yes, i am stealing it and posting it on my blog. and yes, i have been playing it on repeat on my work computer all morning. if you have the mp3, hook me up and send it along!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

secret, secrets are no fun

i know so many people who can relate to this...

so i'll keep this entry short and let this sink in.

run - check!

can you spot my forehead and blue bandanna??

ME! (run, fatboy, run!)

us...at the finish line. we make running look pretty good!

if you've been following me on twitter, you know that i've been "training" for the 5k run for prostate cancer that took place today. (i use the term "training" very loosely). what an amazing experience...to quote jelo, "something else to check off of the bucket list."

to be honest, i didn't know if i was going to be able to realistically do all 5 miles. my monday run sucked major ass...so, when you can't do 3 miles properly, you just start to think that 5 miles is simply impossible. i've heard time and time again how 5 miles is all mental, and i didn't realize that completely until today.

i think that the energy of all of the runners around me just motivated me to get it done. there's no way that i could start it and not finish it strong. for someone who barely trained, completing my run in under an hour (i clocked in at 57 minutes but we didn't actually start running till the clock was already 5 minutes in), was simply amazing.

i was surprised at my endurance to do it. i'm honestly proud of myself and would love love love to do a half marathon soon. ekkkkk. i am putting it out there though so that i can be accountable for it and get it done.

serious training, here i come!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

staying in on saturday night

youtube time!

i just spent too much time on youtube just because...well, not just because considering i have to get up super early to do the 5 mile run tomorrow morning for prostate cancer. so really, i shouldn't be out. and i'm not.

here is the most CLASSIC video i have ever seen in my life....HAMMER TIME!

then, P showed me some videos yesterday and we've been watching these little kids sing alllllll day. sooooo cute. i love all of their videos. but here are some of the best:

P's favorite:

my favorite:

have a fabulous weekend! the next time i blog, i will be in pain from my run.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

morning videos

i love waking up to the most random music videos on tv. it just makes my morning. and lately, as much as i hate mtv sometimes for NOT showing enough music videos (hey--it is called MUSIC TV!), they have been doing it up in the mornings with their AMTV show.

this morning, i was pleasantly surprised to catch this michael jackson video on AMTV. i sometimes forget what a master michael jackson is...whether you're watching a classic like thriller or billie jean...all of his videos are amazing mini movies. i love them.

((for some strange reason, i can't embed the beat it video on my blog. dammit.))

((i was also going to post my FAVORITE MJ video of all time--rock with you. but, again, i can't get the embed code. what's going on here?!?!? stupid youtube.))

since i can't get the code, here's daft punk's "rock with you" remix.

no video. just audio. enjoy!

here's a real video from daft punk. oh how i love daft punk:

Monday, June 15, 2009

cool shit

i don't need to tell you how amazingly talented my friends are because you should already know that.

(...or not...)

but anyway, 2 of the coolest chicks i know (ok, all of the chicks i know are cool...otherwise, why would i hang out with them!!??) are featured in moda magazine's 1st anniversary issue.

check out the electronic copy of the issue here and go straight to pages 52 - 61 to see their stuff.

shout out to sammy b designs and laureluxe. i'm wishing mucho success for the both of you!

the adams family.............

holy crap this space is SEXY! it's so dark yet bright all at the same time...i think i am in looooooooooveeeeeeeee. the whole look is just sexy! the limited number of bright things around the house is just sexy.

it's like the house from adams family but modern!

this is why when i have a spot, i will need a million dollars to transform it every time i see some new inspiration that makes me say, "I WANT!"

ok, i'll stop with the posts about spaces and redecorating and houses for today. i think 2 in one day is enough.

another studio/house i am dying to own...

this sneak peak is not only HILARIOUSLY written and cute, but the house is just beautifully done.

ok, so i have a strange obsession with anything that has to do with homes and if i owned one and had millions of dollars to spend on one, i would change it up every time i was inspired to do so. but seriously, this specific pic of this illustrator's studio just makes me want one!

sigh....till the day i own my own "home" (whether it's an apartment or actual house or studio...whatever!).

Friday, June 12, 2009

oh amber rose and your beautiful array of leggings.

i recently started to hear more and more about amber rose on the internet and it struck me that not only is she kinda pretty, but her leggings are always FABULOUS. now, i have no idea what kind of woman would want to date kanye...he seems....yea, i won't say it. but you gotta give it up to amber rose, who has a unique and pretty style for a woman with a bald head.

that's besides my point though.

once i started reading about her online, i did a quick google search and checked out her many pics. then, nymag put together this compilation of her style and i'm kinda feeling her. not only does she have some curves on her, but she puts together some pretty interesting outfits.

i might need to recreate this one outfit myself...the red leggings! leather jacket! fierce boots! ooooh my!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i worked on my room a little last night....

but now i want it to look like this.

no joke. the collage-like quality makes me excited and with my ADD, that would be awesome to have in my room. although, there the hell would i do this? ekkkkkk. no idea.

anyway, like the title of this entry says, i worked on my room a little last night. i had this idea to use duct tape to finish some of the walls and it turned out really well. it actually looks like i painted stripes on the wall when i just taped it up. lol. i love deceiving the eye.

h&m is having major sales so i'm heading over there during lunch. wanna see if there's anything i am desperately drooling for on sale.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i might need to call today--NECKLACE day

i am completely and 100% in love with this necklace. not sure why since it just provoked the following out of jessie:

Jessie: ewww
taht would totally freak me out
me: why?
Jessie: idk
but its rreally creeped me out

regardless, i think the necklace is FABULOUS and i might need to order one for myself...

itsy bitsy spiderrrrrrrrrrrr web

oh damn, i caught this way too late.

FINALLY got around to checking my hotmail email address for some stuff. that's where most of my e-subscriptions/newletters/mailing list crap go to and i never catch jack-shit on time since i only check it like...twice a week. sometimes i miss out on hot vacation deals and then i wonder why i didn't check it sooner. oh well. i might need to hook up another gmail address for myself for things like that since i looooooooooooooooooove gmail.

anyway, nymag was promoting the renegade craft fair that took place during last weekend. (damn, another thing i missed--i really need to check my damn hotmail). so i peeped this awesome necklace and then ran straight on to the Dollybird Design website. really cool stuff. definitely things i am interested in...i might need to surprise myself with a little something something...

Monday, June 8, 2009

another space i would DIEEE to live in. ok, i really need to hook up my damn room.

i want to live in a space like this.

doesn't that make you want to drool?????

on to other lame and non-important shit, i spent the better part of my day trying to order supplies for work and poking around on style rookie's blog. how is it that a freaking 13 yr old is just killing it with her style????? it totally inspired me to step up my game on the weekend. who cares if i end up looking like a 13 yr old kid?!? ok, it would be even more lame than this post. but still...she's got something going on. she's totally sarcastic, funny, fashionable and her haircut is to absolutely die for. did i forget to mention how articulate she is. am i really that dumb? sometimes i wonder.

i'm officially posting on chictopia. AKKK. it's kinda scary. today, i was walking around thinking about how tired and stupid i looked and i snapped a pic anyway and posted it. basically, i'm maintaining 2 blogs. shit. i'm really crazy.

anyway, this is probably the longest entry i've ever actually written. i am dabbling in something new. bear with me while i try to figure this all out.

heart-shaped glasses

i so desperately want a pair of heart shaped glasses to wear on the weekends when i just don't care what the hell i am wearing.

the only thing i keep wondering is........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

am i too damn old for them?

sigh. to be young again.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

a hippie's heaven

my cousin sent me this link. when i forwarded it to some friends, jessie told me that her fiance helped with this about a month ago.


anyway, this thing looks incredibly wild and crazy and just all sorts of fun. they look like pirates on a junk ship just swimming in the water....either way, i needed to repost.

swimming cities, come to ny! i want to see this thing in person.

rain, rain go away

i have to work on this gloomy, gloomy day.

i wish it would stop raining already.

it's casual friday at the office but i need to attend an event after work so i grabbed some clothes to change into later. just thought i would snap a pic of this outfit, since i'm wearing my brand spanking new orchard street tee.

visit www.orchardstreet.com for more stuff.

thursdays are kinda annoying

i spent part of my thursday with some of my students/staff from my job at the wax museum. by far, my favoritest pic is this one of me and albert einstein that got me wondering, "was albert just book smart or street smart too?" hmmmm.

(outfit - skirt from AA, denim jacket from old navy, scarf and glasses and headband from h&m, shirt that you can barely see from barcelona)

at night, i headed to my boo's house for dinner with him and his mom. her lasagna was A-mazing. yum.

(outfit - dress from steve and barry's, blazer from tahari which my sister found thrifting one day, lacy tights from h&m, shoes from delia's)
originally i wanted to wear this outfit to work but decided that it showed too much thigh for me to be comfy in it. oh well. my sister said this was very "alice in wonderland" for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pom pom headbands and bachelorette parties

remember this post?

i wore my dress! unfortunately, i didn't get a chance to take a pic of the whole outfit. but check out the new style headband i made for myself. holler.

screw monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc...etc....