Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blogging break...?

with the upcoming holidays, friends visiting, a new year starting, i've decided to take a mini break from blogging to get things right.

i have an outfit post that i definitely should be doing before the week is up...but other than that, i probably won't blog again till 2010. i have a long list of people i need to catch up with (you all know who you are), plus a sketchbook to complete, 2 of my great great friends are visiting as well as my step niece, i'm going away for a few days, AND i still have presents to finish up.

in the meantime, i wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful and healthy time.

oh--and btw--i shut down my etsy shop. i am rethinking this process...and will be taking orders of headbands and art work via email. i'm also thinking about how to make my blog better--new layout, pics, etc.

i'll see all of you in 2010!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


what i'm digging this week. it reminds me of little rooms.

images found on google.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

this week in outfits

this week was so strange in terms of weather here in ny. i didn't quite understand what was up, but some days it was BEAUTIFUL, others it was a cold mess.

here's me on tuesday.
outfit details: skirt - vintage, cream tank - banana republic, turtleneck - h&m, sweater - gap, tights (they're gold and sad i couldn't get a good pic of them) - target, boots - my sister's

wednesday was blue and gray day.
outfit details: sweater - no name, turtleneck dress - AA, tights - taboo, belt - no name, boots - my sister's

thursday i was in no mood for color.
outfit details: sweater - no brand, turtleneck and skirt - h&m, heart tights - etsy, boots - sister's
(look at dunkin poking her head out at the bottom of the pic...she's feeling WAY better lately!!!)

my saturday work outfit (i was super stressed all week over the event i had planned at work for saturday).
outfit details: turtleneck and tights - h&m, skirt - old navy, sweater - target, shoes - payless

my lazy sunday outfit. this is one of my new FAVORITE tees.
outfit details: tshirt - target, leggings - modells, turtleneck - h&m, boots - f21

this week, overall, was stressful but ok. everything worked out, that's what really matters. i wasn't completely happy with my outfits from this week but it's interesting to see them in pics. and then this weekend was super laid back--spent time just sleeping, watching that beyonce movie "obsessed" and then decorating the house for christmas!

here's my creepy pic of the week (i was totally playing around with functions on my

i'm SO not ready for work this week. AKKKK.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bad habits...

maxwell's "bad habits" has been playing on repeat all week on my ipod.
i was trying to figure out what it is about the song that makes it so damn sexy.
his voice...?
the instrumentals...?
the sax...?
whatever it is, damn, i am addicted to this song for it's sexiness. and you won't catch me saying that about any song...i'm picky about what i find to be as sexy as this song...

tomorrow i'll be posting my outfits for the week. sorry for the sporadic/crazy/random posts lately. been so stressed out with work, my dog, being sick, life. i woke up this morning and realized i desperately need to relax so i don't allow this cold to take over my life.
stress is just not a good look.
especially since i want to look young as long as possible!
today starts my pledge to get back on my stress-free mood...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


there's so much beauty in this world...

images from google.