Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new years resolutions

i think today might be a good day to check in on my new years resolutions since...well, it's been on my mind. my picture a day resolution fell apart mid-month so i might go ahead and post the pics i actually took and then get right back on the wagon for march 1st. as for writing...well...

outfit details: sweater - gap, turtleneck - h&m, skirt - old navy, tights - duane reade

writing is going really well! and it actually feels good to be writing daily since i have this beautiful paulo coelho daily planner to write in. yes, sometimes i write a day late but i don't feel bad about that since some nights i'm just too tired to write. :)

i am picking up a new resolution for myself - draw more! i've been really inspired by the crazy little things i have surrounded myself with and so i will be drawing my things...it's inspired by everyday matters. you should pick up this book. it's really inspiring.

Monday, February 27, 2012

secret cupid exchange

i love this dress. L.O.V.E. i may say that about a lot of my dresses but it's true. this dress and i instantly fell in love at first sight. it's comfy and sweet and versatile.

outfit details: dress - f21, blazer - h&m, tights - hue, boots - UO

btw--my friend made me this amazing ipad envelop/clutch for our secret cupid exchange! read that sentence again - she MADE that for me! isn't it adorable?!? my current ipad case looks like a giant moleskin so it's awesome that my ipad and its case fits into this envelop clutch she made me. in looooooooooove.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


weather in nyc has been GORGEOUS. i'm not going to complain because i hate when i have to wear my snowboots for a month straight because of the weather but it does bother me. (global warming should bother all of us) 

since there's no need for me to wear my heavy scarf, i switched over to the one my mom gave me for christmas. this scarf is awesome. i love love love love it.

outfit details: skirt - old navy, shirt and ring - h&m, scarf - UO, belt - target

i'm actually working tomorrow - i don't normally work on fridays. i'm looking forward to having a real saturday off!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

peek a boo!

did you miss me?

i was doing so well blogging and then...well, i had one of those weeks where i worked a lot and was hardly home so i didn't blog. it's not an excuse, but real life kinda took over. i was excited to blog today until i realized that i wore my favorite work dress just slightly different so it wouldn't be worth a whole blog post. shrug.

instead, i thought i would blog about my spanking new ring and glasses. this pic is kinda weird but you get the point:
ring and glasses - h&m

i decided to give up fried foods (bye bye french fries), hamburgers and shopping for lent so yesterday was supposed to be my splurge day. i had fries and a burger but i didn't really splurge...i bought a new earring/cuff thing, 2 rings and these glasses...and that was it. 

somehow/someway, i will get through 40 days of no shopping. i just have to keep repeating that to myself.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

un-valentine's day mood

i hate to say it, but i have a love-hate relationship with valentine's day. i love telling my friends and family how much i LOVE them on a frequent basis, but i hate the pressure of valentine's day. i think it dates back to middle school when all of the cool girls would be showered with flowers, balloons, candygrams and stuffed animals. barf. it seemed really extra to me for someone to try and prove how much they loved me on one day of the year. it makes me uncomfortable. in my mind, it seems really forced and unromantic - plus, being "romantic" is not in my dna. i would rather snuggle with my boo while watching some "big bang theory" instead of sitting at some fancy dinner with wine. i don't even drink wine like that! (ok, now i'm just whining).

my boo calls me the ebenezer scrooge of valentine's day since i've been rolling my eyes and talking about my disdain for vday for the past couple of days. sorry, boo. i would really rather sleep my way through the day in my red heart pj's than go out into the world. 

but if you're like me and have a love-hate relationship with valentine's day, here's some fun stuff you can order for yourself:

this is way cool. i love how it's kinda "day of the dead", classic and cool.

this cracks me up. it's totally how i feel.
really cute to wear on the day.

seriously, that skull is amazing. and the anatomical heart?!? to die for. literally.

winner winner, chicken dinner

and the winner of the created by fortune wrap bracelet is:


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

oh, just sitting around in a crown...

yes, you read that correctly. i'm just sitting around in my duck feather crown looking through pinterest. i'm obsessed with it...i even pin from my phone if i can't do it from my computer!
best valentine's day gift from my sister. 

here's some stuff i'm obsessing over on pinterest:

Monday, February 6, 2012

new dress

new dress, how i love thee. my sis was kind enough to snag me this awesome dress from...well, idk where. either way, it's really cute and i got tons of compliments about it today. SCORE. 

oh - and i tried to hide the fact that the boo totally dropped his dirty knife on my dress during dinner tonight.  total d'oh moment. oh well.

outfit details: dress - from my sis, blazer - h&m, jewelry - my sis

the giveaway is still open, if you're interested! just leave a comment on that post to be entered.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday, funday, DIYday

anytime i mention this DIY to folks, they tell me how amazing it is. 

for the boo's 30th birthday, i surprised him with a coupon book of 30 coupon surprises that he can redeem whenever! this is a simple DIY that you can hand do or create on the computer.  here's how i did mine:

cardstock paper
that's seriously it!

i cut the paper into 8 even rectangles and then created all of the dashed lines on each slip. i created a list of coupons i wanted to give the boo so i went through my list and freehanded the writing and the drawings.

some of our favs:
a picnic in central park
tourists for the day
snowball day
art lesson
1 breakfast by me
movie night
1 amazing day trip
and the boo's favorite - a get out of this fight for free!

after they were all done, i wrapped them in some string and gave it to the boo. he really loved this gift so i promise you that your man will love it too! especially the "get out of this fight for free card" (although, you should create some rules and regulations for that one card).

Friday, February 3, 2012

giveaway! - now CLOSED

great news! 

my amazing friend, melissa, asked me to do a giveaway on my blog for one of her wrap bracelets. this created by fortune bracelet is some serious eye candy so make sure you enter this giveaway (or head to her site and buy one for yourself!).
 the easiest way to enter:
* leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address)
for extra entries:
* like created by fortune on facebook
* follow created by fortune on twitter
* follow me on twitter
* tweet about this contest and tag created by fortune and yours truly to the tweet!
make sure you come back here to let me know if you liked, followed and tweeted!

contest ends on february 7th at midnight NY time and i will announce the winner on the 8th.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


my mom complimented my outfit this morning, which means it was winning.

outfit details: shirt - thrifted/vintage, skirt - AA, boots - UO, earrings - present from the boo's mom

i have a giveaway for all of you 2 readers tomorrow so please check back! it'll be awesome. i promise.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"don't see me!"

when my nephew was little and he was pooping, he would say to us, "don't see me!" i feel like that all of the time when i need to take an outfit pic and i don't want the boo to watch me take pics. i know he checks out my blog (hi boo!) but it still feels weird for him to watch me take my outfit pics.

you're in for a treat today - two outfit posts! i wanted to take a pic of my outfit last night but time got away from me. so i just took two sets of pics today.

today's outfit:

 outfit details: sweater - old navy, skirt - from a swap, scarf - present from my mom (from UO), tights - hue, heels - UO, bracelet - gift for christmas from the boo's mom

yesterday's outfit:

 outfit details: sweater - old navy, vest - present from my mom (gap), skirt - target, tights - hue, boots - swirl.com, necklace - f21

that last set of pics is so silly...i can't stand it.
happy hump day!!