Wednesday, October 12, 2011

where, oh where, has DTM been?

i've been distracted. there, i said it. 

reasons i've been so distracted:

* ending my relationship with american apparel.
* perfecting my curls.
* dinner with friends at the best burger spot in nyc.
* this britney spears song.
* planning for my trip to chicago (HOLLER).
* creating my awesome halloween outfit from scratch.
* making pirate patches and roaming around the upper west side on sunday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new hair...kinda

i've been wearing my hair natural and curly for a long, long, long long time - no chemical treatments (yes, there was a time when i chemically treated my hair), no crazy blow drying to make it straight, no gel (alcohol is the devil). but, it means that controlling this mop on top of my hair has been more and more difficult to try and figure out. my hair is definitely dry and so getting products and styling it properly became an obsession of mine. a serious obsession.

but spending money on a good curly hair cut wasn't on my list of things to do right away.

until last week. not sure what got into me but i went on the devachan website and booked an appointment for myself. i think my hair situation was just looking terrible so i knew that spending the money on a great cut was necessary.

the experience was ok...honestly, i'm not into stylists that make faces and make me feel like crying and laughing all at the same time because of the crazy faces they're making. but, the cut is amazing, my hair looks and feels healthy, and they gave me a ton of tips for dealing with my crazy hair.

i have some crazy hair.