Friday, July 31, 2009

emo emo emo emo

i bought the campers these cute little dolls in the 25 cent machines and when i logged onto his blog this morning, this pic was posted. holler at your girl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the things we would do for our friends....

a-mazing video.

my friend, nico, sent me this to watch and i have to admit--it's great. i love the style it's done in, the storyline, the lack of dialog. perfection.

make sure you have around 3-4 minutes to watch the whole thing. enjoy!

covert candy

my sister knows about everything new and upcoming!

i need need need need need need need need need need need need need this site to open up a US site. ummm hello?!? free clothing swap?? online!!! holler at your girl.

check out the interview my sister did with the creators of covert candy and then go online and request a site in the US!!!

super duper cute.

who's down for this?

because i am so down with it. drinking, drawing, cupcakes! hell, i'm there.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MJ in paris

this image is amazing. i love everything about it so i had to repost it.


ok, so i suck and i didn't upload my pics from the trip. but you can check out rain's blog for the pics he took.

yes, i straight up took this image off of his blog.

i have to admit that camping was very takes a good trip like that to bring people together. although, i get the sense that some of my friends were not enjoying the experience....what's wrong with sleeping on the floor, in a tent, playing volleyball and basketball, going to the beach, eating ice cream, corn, grilled meat and showering with some bugs? lol...

day 1- the drive was scary. highlight of the drive was riding down a dark "street" that was in between 2 fields and watching the lighting hit about a mile away. scary....

day 2- spent the morning at the beach which was way too rocky for my taste. napped. played volleyball - girls + 1 boy vs. the rest of the boys. needless to say, we lost. had to pick up paulo and his friend at the train station 20 minutes from the campsite. he was taking a long time, so the bf and i stopped at king kullen for materials to make s'mores. i found a 25 cent machine that sold these cool urbanzees toys so i bought 14--one for all the campers. i hope they liked them. i definitely had fun stuffing 14 quarters into the machine like a little kid.

day 3- we cleaned, took down tents, packed the cars and headed back on the road. stopped at mcd's for breakfast (i can't even remember the last time i ate mcd's breakfast! - probably 4 years ago). stopped in queens to drop off the besties. i'm trying to convince them to throw one more party before summer is over. (i can't believe i am talking about summer almost being over sad)....then headed up to the bf's house, then home. the bf and i laid out our camping stuff to dry and didn't realize that at some point in the afternoon it started raining so everything got wet. after it rained, we decided to just pitch the tent in the backyard and hope it dries over the course of a day or two. i think it is dry...but i'm going to wait until this afternoon to take it down.

i'm already asking my friends what our next trip will be. looks like greg might be in charge of planning a trip to the poconos in the wintertime. i'm already looking forward to that...maybe we'll go snowboarding! (jelo--get on that).

best. wedding. entrance. EVER!

thanks for sending this along, bonnie. this is hilarious and very very cute.

Monday, July 27, 2009

back from camping and blog surfing

camping was TOO MUCH FREAKING fun. i'll talk more about that once i upload the pics...meant to do that yesterday but when i got back, i laid everything out because it was all wet, then it rained and everything got soaked so the bf and i had to pitch the tent in the yard so that it can dry today. blah. all of this rain is a major bummer but hopefully it will prevent the humidity from being too much of a problem on my hair...even though i am wearing my hair out, and proud, and large, and curly.

spent some time this morning trying to catch up on all of my blogs...i had about 400-something unread posts since the last time i read them on thursday. so much to look at and be inspired by!! here are my favorites as of right now (all things for me to think about doing, love, and want to draw):

i'm totally thinking about adding some paper globes to my room now thanks to this image.

how badly do i want this skirt?!?!? ugh...the whole outfit is perfection.

sweet necklaces. i love this pic.

the image from this website wouldn't upload correctly but i am totally loving this work space. yes, i am obsessed with perfecting my work space and making it totally messy, yet organized and inspiring. i just added a coffee table to my work/sitting area so that i can sit on the floor and work when i am feeling inspired. hooray.

especially since i will need to start working on 2 pieces for this gallery in harlem. i requested 2 canvas' for their uptown squared exhibit. we'll see how that goes....hmmmm...

otherwise, life is good, great, fabulous.

i'll be updating later with pics from my camping trip so stay tuned!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

oldie but goodie

even though i no longer have a fb account, i was poking around on my sister's fb checking out my friend's pictures. found this awesome pic of me and jessie at her bachelorette party...looking all cute. we're both wearing dresses from f21. my chain is made by laureluxe and jessie's rocking the bling bling penis necklace.

bachelorette parties are wild.

Friday, July 24, 2009

of fto go camping tonight..................

i'll be off in the "wilderness" of long island this weekend to spend some time with my friends and get away from the city. woohoo! i booked the HOTTEST camping site ever--complete with the beach, line dancing and movies...

my idea was simple...i told my friends, "let's go camping on the beach." they all said yes...some more resistant than others (they know who they are and they read my blog so HA!). but it's all set and we will be on our way later today.

although the bf and i bought a tent for ourselves, i have been eyeing this furnished tent. holler! look at it--it's the PERFECT way to go camping!

anyway, i'm hoping we have enough food, suntan lotion and bug spray. oh and batteries for my camera. i definitely need some pictures of this experience.

ta ta for now!

tina tina, bo bina, banana fanna fo fina......

my cousin is always saying how she should get a blog of her own. she really should. until then, i will continue to steal material from her.

she sent me this pic last night with the caption, "inspiration." i have to be honest--her work ethic and dedication to her art is definitely inspiring.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


this image is amazing. see more here.

"when anybody asks, why we steppin'..."

"...tell 'em, we did it for love, yea!"

i've been listening to this song NON-STOP for the past couple of days, thinking about r. kelly doing his two step in the video and pretending to do it in my head...P and i have a friend who is constantly telling us that we need to do a group trip to shadow night club (yes, the grown folks club) just to do this two step. dammit...can we do that trip soon?!!??!

i also have been pondering the purchase of a hat...just like the one he wears in the video. here's my thought--yes, it's probably a pimp hat. but think about all of those hipsters out there in the world wearing their boat/fedora hats (which, undoubtly replaced the trucker/baseball cap)--THIS hat, the r. kelly pimp hat, would be ten times better than that. because, at the end of the day, if a (barely) 5'2 latina from the bx can rock a pimp hat while wearing some little summer dress and some flip flops, then all is right in this world.


i might need to make this purchase before my camping trip this weekend...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how am i missing all of this?!?

damn os gemeos being in ny is causing me to really really really really want to get out and see all of this stuff.

more pics from my bday....

more proof that my friends are awesome.

pics courtesy of brenda. these are pretty great. thanks!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

i love you tim burton.

again, i'm slow on the uptake lately.



my work space.

recap of my bday


so we celebrated alex's bday first....she's a hot mama.

then we bbq's at my place....udee cracks me up.

so do rain and george. so happy rain came to YO.

love these two!!!!!!!!!!!

even billy drove there to see

so did monica...all the way from chicago. love you and thanks a million (she has more pics from my party that i can't wait to post!!!).

awww my baby broke billy's chair!!

in the car on the way to my part-ayyyyyyyyy. (yes, that's vodka in that cup)

asa kinda saved the day since we went to 67 orange after. thanks a million!

even melly in my belly from showed up!!!! love you, girlie.


os gemeos

i'm slow on the uptake and didn't realize that os gemeos would be taking over the keith haring inspired mural down on houston street. ummm. i need to go. like, now. i haven't been down there in forever (OMG--what has happened to me?!?!?) so this might mean i need to take a special trip asap.

i love you, os gemeos. this reminds me that i should post some of the pics from the os gemeos exhibit from last year though. good looks.

holler at yonkers

i loved all of my bday celebrations! this is the first pic of many more to come. thanks to everyone who celebrated along with me.

love you all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

we're all a little wild.


yes, i just used texting code, or whatever it's called, in my blog. BUT--i am totally and completely OBSESSED and amazing by the "where the wild things are" trailer. can we say--AMAZING.

not sure why this trailer has the longest beginning ever, but please fast forward to 28 seconds to enjoy the

oh--and i saw a late showing of harry potter last night. also--amazing. there were a few things left out/not mentioned/changed but overall i was happy with the movie. i'm not looking forward to the last 2 movies (yes, the final book will be broken up into 2 movies) but it'll be interesting to see how they are visually represented.

i think i need to read the whole series over again though....things are missing from my memory about the books. anyone want to start a book club with me???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i love opening email and seeing things like this...

ummmmmmmmmmmm how freaking perfect is this?????? i love love love because they just post the most excellent things for me to crochet.

my friends are hilariously awesome.

had drinks with some folks last night in yonkers as part of my born-week festivities.

i had fun last night. thanks for being born. ahaha

i love laurel. you can check out her jewelry at

i need to work on my work space....

because this one is looking way too awesome for words.


i am in love with everything about these headbands. incredible. i might need to replicate...