Wednesday, December 29, 2010

D's on hiatus

The boo complained about my lack of posting lately and my response was, "shut it!" It seems like the holidays took over full force and left me tired, stuffed, and pleasantly surprised by my mounds of gifts. I gotta give it to my family this year-i received some pretty amazing gifts that I just wasn't expecting.

I thought about featuring some of the goodies but there are just too many to do that. Gifts ranged from a new watch (from the boo), rainboots, books ("the joy of cooking" being one of them), a new ipod touch (my mom is amazing), lots of new jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets), a gift card, coffee, socks, and more stuff...I also received some amazing "merry christmas" friends are simply wonderful. I hope the ones who didn't hear from me understand...

But in short, this post is both an apology and an ending to this crazy 2010 year. I apologize for being a terrible, no good blogger and lacking in my posts (disclaimer-the boo will be upset to read that but it's my last chance to say things like that b/c in the new year I will no longer be down on myself. Booyah, 2011!). This post is also a goodbye to the year 2010, which brought forth some wonderful things and some truly terrible things. If people knew the actuality of what I've gone through in 2010, they...idk...maybe their heads would explode..?

Anyway, my goal for this upcoming year is to be positive so I am going to start signing off all blog posts w/ 3 things I'm grateful for (I have to thank the boo's mom for that idea):
1. My family. And by family that includes all friends that I think of as family. All of you rock.
2. My boo. Enough said (otherwise, you will all scream "barf!").
3. My accessory collection. Including my brand spanking new h&m ring that I snapped a pic of for this post. Holler.

That's all folks, till 2011. I'll be back after the new year w/ outfit posts, art, rings, crocheted creations and inspiration posts.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

D's happy!

you might be wondering what's covering my awesome face....well:

hooray happy dance time!
i've been waiting for them for a little bit and was super excited when i got the package in the mail on monday. i've been passing them out like crazy to people who have been asking me for a if you want one too, you can email me here and i will send one along your way as well.

if i could explain to you how long this week has been, you probably would never believe me. it was probably as long as it has felt cold in nyc. did that sentence make sense? probably not...that's how long the week has been.

(thank goodness it's thursday)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

D's holiday inspiration

i've been too busy to blog due to:

hanging out too much
enjoying myself a little too much at holiday parties
making my christmas cards and gifts
getting no sleep

plus all of the regular things i do on a normal basis (work, life, etc.).

so here i am, trying to make it up to everyone by posting some christmas inspired pics:

i love the holidays.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

D's outfit

outfit details: dress and hat - h&m, sweater - given to me, leggings - target, boots -

this is what i wore yesterday. it's too cold in ny to wear anything but lots of layers.
the details in this dress are super cute. unfortunately, i got crappy pics of it.
i would like to experiment with this dress by matching it with some crazy colored tights and sweater...maybe next time?

thank goodness it's HUMP day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New in the shop!

 buy here.

 buy here.

buy here.

if they don't sell, i might seriously keep them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

D's so-called life

spent my friday afternoon/evening/night watching old episodes of "my so-called life."

there's so much about this show that i L.O.V.E.

D's outfit

what are these rumors i am hearing about snow in nyc? really? clearly, from my outfit, i'm not ready. those are not snow boots that i am wearing:

outfit details: dress & boots - old navy, sweater - i can't remember where i got it, tights - h&m
i like the all gray look with the purple tights peeking out. i think i wear this dress a lot.

what did i do this weekend? i slept very little, made art, worked on my christmas that it's colder outside, i am in full hibernation mode. this upcoming week/weekend is going to be hectic though so it's probably a good thing if i take it easy the next couple of days.

2 outfit posts in a row. i'm proud of myself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

D's outfit

i said more outfit posts, and dammit, you'll get more outfits.

outfit details: gray sweater - given to me, beige sweater - thrifted, tights - AA, boots - old navy

 today is a double sweater day because i'm literally just going from the house, to the car, to michael's, to the car, to the thrift store, to the car, to target, to the car, and back home. so why do i need a coat? really? a waste of my precious granny coat.
don't mind my hair in these pics. i just washed it so it hasn't dried to it's full (and i mean FULL) potential. i need to run out of the house soon so i didn't have time to wait and then snap a pic.

happy friday though! i'm excited for the weekend mainly because i would like to sleep. and draw. i'm really excited about my recent set of drawings. can't wait to throw them up on the blog.

oh--and i updated the shop with 2 new rings, and 2 rings are on sale. and i ordered business cards. i'm a big girl now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

D's inspiration

i saw "harry potter" over a week ago and i can't stop thinking about it. specifically, the story of the deathly hallows. it is probably one of the greatest animations ever done. i must say, i was seriously impressed.

and just a little movie review:
the movie was wonderful. absolutely amazing. you don't even need to have read the book to enjoy it. i'm actually thinking about going back to watch it again.
definitely deserves 2 thumbs up, 5 out of 5 stars, etc. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

D's boots

I'm a fan of december.
I'm sure you're wondering why:
 I can't lie or hide my feelings about the holidays. I really love them. It's something about the crisp, cool weather and the decorations and christmas lights that just make me happy! I feel like january hits and suddenly we're smack into winter w/ no lights or cheer or anything. I kinda wish the holidays lasted
longer in the wintertime.

What am I not a fan of? 
This windy and rainy nyc weather we have today. It's one of those days I wish I was home and in my bed.

Luckily I have some new winter rain boots that are making my day. They're insulated, comfy, and rain proof. And they only cost me $13 at a consignment store. *happy dance*