Thursday, September 30, 2010


FINALLY! pics from the wedding i went to and you can actually see my dress!

yes, my dress is sheer. hence the slip under.

the boo loves to take "prom pics." seriously. whenever we dress up and go out, he always makes me take a fake prom pic...
funny enough, we did go to prom in the same limo back in hs but with different dates! we didn't date back in hs but we did GO to the same hs. confusing?

stay tuned tomorrow for some hs shots of honor of my 10 year hs reunion!

outfit details: dress - thrift store STEAL ($6), bag - my sister's, shoes - jessica simpson via my sister

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D's tuesday night

last night, the boo and i attended the laureluxe and amanda diva grey goose event downtown.

let me just say that it was amazing to see my girl, laureluxe. i have missed way too many of her events. her stuff is fresh, inspiring and amazing to look at.

my camera was not with me but a friend snapped this pic of me and the boo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

D's nail polish

i often get asked about my nailpolish so i decided to post my favorites.

from left to right:
wet n wild's heatwave--i wore this a lot this summer because it's a fresh and fun color. it's a cross between orange-y/pinky/red. if i were back in art school, they would probably say it's an orange-red. or maybe it's a red-orange? idk...either way, it's beautiful.
sally hansen's gunmetal--perfect for keeping it simple and a little dark. i am a huge fan of gray/silver so i was immediately drawn to this color. i used to wear a ton of black polish but gray is the new black. get with it.
brucci's samantha's putty--definitely looks like the color of putty. i didn't know if i would like it at first but i have received so many compliments on it that i can't help but wear it a lot. it's totally neutral without being pale or pink.
n.y.c.'s starry silver glitter--this polish proves that i am really just 12 years old when we used to put glitter makeup on because it was cool. this nailpolish is a go to when i need something simple, easy and light colored. i picked this up originally for my mexico vacation and randomly still wear it.
sally hansen's the real teal--i never knew how much i loved teal until i bought this polish. and every time i wear it, i get tons of compliments. i was never a fan of such bright colors but i am a fan of this one.
some tips:
i don't like to spend more than $2.99 on polish so i have to take extra precautions when i apply so that it won't chip. if you're worried about the same thing, then you might want to try bringing the brush with some polish to the very edge of your nail and even a little under the nail. it will help your polish last longer.
i would also suggest putting some chunks of garlic in a clear polish and using that as an undercoat. garlic will help your nails grow--believe me, i find myself cutting my nails once a week. i am also hoping that it will make the nail strong.
when i paint my nails too often, they often split and become weak. in between polish weeks, make sure you put some clear polish on your nails and let them relax. that will help your nails grow strong and regain its color. sometimes, painting and stripping the polish off can discolor your nails. clear (with some garlic) should help you restore your nails.
and finally--have fun with your color!

Monday, September 27, 2010

D's fashion inspiration

i usually wear (and love) short short skirts but there's something about a great long skirt that is inspiring me lately. too bad i only own one long skirt right and i am still not shopping this month, otherwise, i would be purchasing as many as i could.

i wish i had pics from the weekend but i forgot that i gave it to the boo so he could use it for something. oh well.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010

D's outfits

this week was a weird outfit week. idk what was up with the weather and working out is making me TOO tired. so in the morning, i throw on whatever's around.

here are the shoes i mysteriously found under my desk:

which i wore with this outfit:
(the shirt is also teal, i swear!)
sweater and shirt - h&m, skirt - AA

and then later in the week, i wore:

 dress - target, blazer - h&m, sandals - UO

it's been a super busy week so i am happily looking forward to the weekend.
happy friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

birthday wishes...

today would have been my father's 57th birthday. honor of my father--a picture of the two of us when i was little and a song that i love to listen to that reminds me of him:

miss you, dad. 
i know that wherever you are, you know i am thinking about you today and everyday.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

D's wishlist

stupid shop free september.

when it's over, i might just hop right on to forever21 and order the following items:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

another weekend post

friday night we celebrated a bday.
the bday girl! 
"go shortaayyyy, it's your birfday. we gon party like it's yo birfday."

it was a good time.

outfit details: top - AA, jeggings - h&m, necklace and earrings from my sis

Monday, September 20, 2010

D's weekend outfit

went out on saturday night to celebrate someone's big 3-0.

at the end of the night, i was able to get the boo to snap this one pic of my outfit. thankfully the pic looks decent!
outfit details: belt/top/blazer - h&m, lace skirt - target, shoes - payless, earrings - laureluxe, bag - urban outfitters.

my weekend consisted of:
the best conversation ever with my bestest friend from college. i laughed, i cried and i just felt really good afterwards.
dinner and drinks with my best friend on friday.
par-tay for C.D.'s little sister's bday. (which, i figured out that when she turns 25, i'll be 30. 30!). 
saw a bunch of my people at the above party. i miss them.
work and then the greatest nap ever.
the best vegetable burrito i've ever had.
par-tay for the boo's friend's 30th bday.
sleeping (i haven't done much of this).
drawing in my sketchbook.

happy monday, folks. i hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Friday, September 17, 2010

D's outfit

wow--i like this pic of me.

so, a friend of mine complained that i don't do outfit posts anymore. the answer is: 
i'm not inspired to dress cute anymore.

my outfit today was ok. 

ok, this is the same outfit...but not the shoes!

there was a crazy thunderstorm in nyc today so i wore the boots for that reason.
outfit details: shirt, sweater, pants and boots - h&m, wedges - payless, scarf and glasses - street vendor, ring - i made it.
i love these pants...even though they're tapered and kinda like hammer pants. i felt like a soccer mom but i don't care. they're still cute.

happy friday! this weekend is going to be nuts. parties, parties and work! oh--and i start the insanity today. we'll see how that goes...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hilarious email exchange that had me dying

email from C.D. to me:
"i kinda love that on the right side of facebook there's always random old pics/memory posts..."

my email response to C.D.:
"girl, let me tell you. i've seen some awesome old pics of all of us that i LOVE. but then i've seen pics of (my boo) and his exgf! i showed him last night how that happens and with my luck--a pic of him and his ex kissing popped up! he was like, "wtf!" literally, i was looking at a random pic of my sorority sister and there popped up a pic of (my boo) and his ex. i was like--really? REALLY????

i kinda want to dislike that function on fb SO BAD for that reason."

D's shy?

here's a fact about me:

i'm shy. 
really really really shy. i hate taking solo pics of myself and hate seeing myself in pics. it's weird. so taking pics for my blog is just weird to me...even though i do like to document some of my outfits.

but...sometimes i like to play with the camera on my computer. especially when dunkin's around! so here are the best shots i took with my puppy the other day:
the top one is my favorite.

i might start playing around with this whole portrait idea though...let's see...

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D's fashion inspiration

there's no joking here--i love fashion.

and i love looking at really good fashion blogs.

so it's no surprise when i say that i spend hours looking through my google reader and saving pics to my tumblr of outfits that i L.O.V.E.

with that being said, here's what i am looking forward to this fall:

perfect work outfit. it's stylish, comfy, cute. definitely something that can be dressed up and down.

yes please to these glasses. i want. i need. that's it.

another perfect work outfit. i shouldn't love stripes but i do. i just can't help it.

this isn't good for fall but i will find a way to rock something similar.

and here's an update on shop free september:
i cleaned the space under my desk at work and found not one, not two but three pairs of shoes that i totally forgot i had and i love. seriously? this is ridiculous. i wonder what else i will be able to find this month. either way, it makes me happy because now i have some new stuff to think about wearing.

thank you shop free september.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D's sleepy

i'm sleepy. working out is hard after a long day of running around. and not in the mood to blog.


i played around with photobooth for all of 2 minutes today and decided to share.
if i told you why i bought these glasses, you would never believe me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

D's weekend

i've been in weekend mode since wednesday, 6:30pm. after work, i hopped in the car and headed out to atlantic city for the boo's friend's wedding. and it was lovely.

because i couldn't buy a dress, i had to find something in my closet...and quickly. after trying 2 dresses that were not working for me, i decided on a vintage $6 dress i got at the thrift store around a year ago. i had never worn it (it's very see through) so i figured that this occasion was as good as any other.

unfortunately, i didn't take any full body pics of the outfit.
(i'm a terrible blogger)

ekkk sorry folks.

all you really need to know though is that people kept complimenting me on my dress and asking if it was vintage. SCORE.

i hope people post some of the wedding pics on fb so that i can steal a few and post here.

happy monday morning!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

D's amazing discovery

don't mind my dirty feet and terrible pedicure!

This month, I am not shopping. You read that correctly. NOT shopping.
So you can understand my disappointment when 2 pairs of my favorite sandals broke on me a week apart. I didn't know if it was karma for my no shopping in september rule OR a reminder that summer is *thisclose* to being over.
And then...I took a minute to look through my closet...and viola! A pair of urban outfitter sandals I bought for $5 around 2 years ago! Now THAT is the reason for shop free september...because everything is in my own closet.

Happy sunday, party people...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

new art

i've been hard at work. finally.

check out more art here.

or check out my flickr account here.