Tuesday, September 29, 2009

where are the wild things?

opening ceremony has collaborated with where the wild things are director, spike jonze, and created these amazingly creative and fun pieces. is it bad that i want every single one of these pieces?

this is when i wish i had all the money in the world to spend on clothes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

more work...but some play

before my weekend really got started, i spent friday night painting my little butt off. 3 more paintings done...a lifetime more to work on...

crazy skull.

this is actually 2 paintings that i worked on together. i think i still have some work to do on them but i really love the direction they're going in.

that was an awesome way to start my weekend. especially since i went out for a bit on saturday and then i was sick all day on sunday! damn sore throat thing that was making me feel sick!!! i literally spent the day in bed drinking theraflu. i could use more sleep today but instead i'm at work for cpr training. blahhhhhhhhhhh.

happy monday, people!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

how i wear color

i wear a TON of black. TON. so much that i am literally in the middle of putting together a post entitled "how i wear black." lol.

but, sometimes, i put the all black away and wear some color. and the way it comes out, i always like it way more than black! damn, i should wear color more often.

wore this on monday:

jacket - nordstrom, dress - target, leggings - h&m, belt - my mom's, shoes - delia's
sweater - gap
ring - little rooms!, gold charm bracelet - h&m, gold and green bracelet - street vendor, blue leather and orange leather bracelet - target
feather wrap ring - present from my boo, thumb ring - h&m
earrings - street vendor, locket - bought at a trunk sale

happy friday, party people!
oh, and i promise to work on how my blog looks. i really need "html for dummies."

i want!-- MK's hair


damn. look at mary kate. although she has been looking quite...strange...lately, i love love love her hair in this shoot.

if only my hair looked as amazing as this pic all the time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what is a synonym for missing?

I've decided that a synonym for missDTM being missing is painting.

It's hard being me.

I love that clip.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of what I've been doing. Sorry for the
shabby pics but I had to snap them w/ my phone.

Skulls, skulls and more skulls. All for my photoshoot w/ 5pointmagazine.

I've been working on the 12x12 for a raffle next week. Yes, I donate my art to
good causes!

After tonight I'll be able to get more sleep. 4-5 hrs is just not
cutting it anymore.

If I haven't commented on your blog--my bad!! I promise to catch up
asap...(Aka-this wkend).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

who's over the top?? I'M over the top!

last night, i spent time doing a whole lotta nothing. after getting home from work later than i expected, i sat around with my boo and watched tv. i can't even remember the last time him and i did that.

anyway, i made him watch the behind the music of pink, where she said, "some say imitation is the highest form of flattery. i think it's annoying." i couldn't agree more!!!
i <3>

btw--i am SUPER excited to go to her concert! after her performance at the vma's, i think it's going to be an awesome show.

anyway, on to other business. my girl over at isquisofrenia gave me the OVER THE TOP award! woohoo! thanks so much for that...if you haven't checked out her ridiculously cute blog, go over there NOW and check it out!
as a result of this award, i need to answer the following questions:
One Word Answer Only!

Where's your cell phone: bed
Your hair: straight!
Your mother: sweet
Your father: inspiring
Favorite food: sushi
Dream last night: strange
Favorite drink: coffee
What room are you: studio
Hobby: crafting
Fear: failure
Where were you last night: home
Something that you aren't: tall!
Muffins: yummy
Wish list item: jewelry
Where did you grow up: bronx
What you're wearing: pj's
Your pets: nutty
Friends: family
Something you're not wearing: shoes
Favorite store: h&m
Favorite color: purple
Last time you laughed: morning
Your best friend: P!
Place you go to over and over: michaels
Person who emails you regularly: jeloooooo
Favorite place to eat: mamasushi

Now I pass this award to some awesome bloggers: 

you should check out their blogs if you haven't. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

friday night....

i spent my friday night working on 4 paintings all at the same time. i meant to take pics of my progress as i went along and then completely forgot!

luckily, i snapped this pic right at the end of the night to upload into my twitter. not sure how done i am with it, but i feel like it's ALMOST there.

what do you guys think??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


something about betsey johnson's designs just makes me LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

i WISHHHHHH she would ask me to make some headbands for her next show.

hey betsey!! email me!!!

all pics from style.com

what i wore...

this has been a crazy crazy week of running around and not sleeping. BUT! i remembered to take some pics of my outfits this week...

what i wore to clash of the couture.
skirt - AA, shirt - men's banana republic, shoes - payless
ooooo. summer's over.
dress - UO, cardi - old navy, shoes - my sister's
i love the men's shirt look!
shirt - men's banana republic, skirt - old navy, shoes - delia's, belt - ? i took it off of another dress.
i don't remember posting this pic before but this is what i wore the night of the gallery opening.
dress (worn as a skirt) AA, dress (worn as a top) - h&m, sandals - f21, hair clip - h&m

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

fall sale


it's time to clear some stuff out of my etsy shop in order to prepare for the winter.

i love you urban outfitters!!!!

i just placed an order with urban outfitters.

the best part-----i spent HALF the amount of money i would have spent shopping in the sale department.



can't wait to wear it all...the only thing i wasn't comfortable ordering were the harem pants there...i might need to go over to forever21 and order some from there...

A-mazing weekend

i have some amazing friends. seriously.

after deciding at the last minute to throw my homie, rain, a par-tayyyy, we had a fabulous showing of people. 

i told my boo that if i rarely went out, i would be totally happy if i could have nights like saturday...

homieeee! and melly. i really love these two.

my chicas.

this homie never goes out. so happy he hung out with us that night too.

 a strange group shot. haha.

i love love love love these two. love.

my boo and his buddy.

ok, so i have to admit, i was standing on a step when we took this pic...lol.

YAY! loveeee manny. soooo happy he came out to chill...
lol. again. i love these two.
that's all folks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

poker faceeeee

i'm sure the blogosphere is BOOMING with entries about lady gaga's many outfits from last night's VMAs. now, i HAVE NOT seen a whole entire show in SO LONG...seriously, i can't even remember any performances in the past couple of years. i think once britney lost her mind, the vmas lost their swagger. no more girl on girl kisses, or snakes on stage, or britney and JT stare downs. so sad. once she stopped going/performing, i stopped watching.

BUT--this year was a different story!

the standout of the evening (besides kanye's TACKY rant - poor taylor - i heard she was crying backstage...can't help but feel bad for her) was definitely ms. lady gaga who had a million wardrobe changes and was wearing some interesting costumes.

just last week, i was complaining to my fashion friends how designers no longer take risks. why is it that when you have the option of making art that people can wear, designers make the same crap all the time. and i don't mean that they should be as adventurous as what we have seen lady gaga in over the past few months, BUT--there is a lot to say about her fashion choices. although her style veers over the top and to the left, i have to give her credit for being that wild and making a statement. i saw an interview with her once that said she sees herself as a walking art piece. as someone who makes and loves art, i can respect her for that decision.

so here she is--in all her glory:

lace is VERY in right now.

yes, this is just a fancy ass neck brace. but it's totally fabulous with feathers.

you gotta give her crdit here--halloween is in 6 weeks so gore is definitely in.

she's rocking more lace and disks on her head.

this is a cute one-sie but the powder on her nose is OD.

and this one just scared me. but also reminded me of "where the wild things are." which then reminded me that i cannot wait to see that movie!!!