Monday, November 30, 2009

secret secret

sometimes, the post secrets are interesting to read. sometimes i relate to one...or two.

but something about this week's post secret post really touched me...

...either because i've had a conversation with friends over the topic, or it's a fear of my own, or i think one of my friend's sent the postcard in.

read more secrets here .

Sunday, November 29, 2009

this week in outfits

this post is a little late...and i can't blame it on thanksgiving.

last week my dog got really sick and i needed to take her to the animal ER. turns out she ate something she shouldn't have and needed surgery. tuesday-wednesday were the craziest and emotional days i've experienced in a long time.

happily, she's home now. i brought her back on friday and she's recovering here with me.

anyway, so last week's outfits:

monday i wore this fun dress i got from P .
details: dress - marc jacobs, sweater, belt & tights - h&m, boots - p's

details: skirt - old navy, turtleneck - h&m, tights - target, sweater - no brand, boots  - no brand, scarf & glasses- street vendor

details: dress - target, tights - h&m, shoes - dsw
yes, i straightened by hair for thanksgiving thanks to my mom.

anyway, did everyone enjoy their thanksgiving? i slept a whole lot, ate a whole lot and then slept a whole lot more. i've also been obsessively watching "big love" seasons 1 and 2. i think i'll be done with it tonight. great great show.

anyway, i hope this week will be good...although i already know it's going to be stressful. happy end of the weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

this (aka--last) week in outfits

i only went to work monday-wednesday last week since i got sick and called out thursday. huge bummer. i HATE being sick.

i've been trying to write this post since friday. yes, last friday. but i worked friday afternoon, went on a trip with my students on saturday, out on saturday night and lost my voice after that. ugh. i've been voiceless since yesterday and i still can't speak!!!

anyway, last week's outfits:

started off the week wearing one of my FAVORITE skirts. it's actually an american apparel dress but i wear it like this. you've probably seen me post pics of this skirt before. lol.
outfit details - skirt: aa, turtleneck: delia's, cardigan: gap, tights: etsy, jewelry: vintage

tuesday was all about red. and lots of layers. a dress over a skirt and a sweater on top of that!
outfit details - sweater: banana republic, dress: old navy, skirt: old navy, tights and the bow: h&m, belt: ?

this outfit was totally inspired by delightfully tacky , who was inspired by another blogger...grr, i can't remember who.
outfit details - dress: old navy, sweater and turtleneck - h&m, scarf - uo, tights - no brand, shoes - payless, belt - my mom's.

forgot to mention i saw new moon yesterday and i am totally TEAM JACOB! sorry ladies--edward is just too boring.

happy monday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

ok, i love granny chic

i have to admit it.
i love it.
and i told P the other day that i wanted a granny-type coat...which she didn't understand.
but i guess i meant that i want a coat that i can get lost in, feel comfy in, and feel like a granny!

all photos from advanced style .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just finished uploading more pics from the sketchbook project to my flickr account...FINALLY.
while doing that, i realized i have a total of 80 pages. and only 10 spreads complete.
ummm....when is my sketchbook due???? 
because i think it's time i start to bust my ass to get stuff done.

here's a sampling (pre-edited so my apologies for not rotating them).
you should head over to my flickr account to check it the rest of them.

while sitting here scanning, editing, uploading, i've been obsessively listening to the new lady gaga song.
let's talk about genius for a minute.
video is sweeeeeeeeeet. vocals are pretty good.
i'm impressed.

the fashion is what makes this video.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sun and sand

hellooooo loverrrr (aka--vacation),

can i skip ahead to march so i can sit on the beach with a margarita or glass of champagne in hand with my boo?

the only thing that will get me through this winter will be thoughts of mexico.

ahhhh....sweet vacation. only 126 more days to go.

Monday, November 16, 2009

target must have/wish list/all of that good stuff

this weekend was spent doing a whole lotta nothing. and that's ok. 
but what i did do was spend too much time and money in target. no good.

on my target wish list:

i need these boots in my life (ok, i will be running home from work tonight to purchase them, i can't even lie). 
rain boots with flannel inside are just too good to be true. 
and the dress--ok, i don't NEED it. but i want it! it's really cute!

but this is just a taste of what i actually bought this weekend. 
the vest i have been eying for the LONGEST. i bought it in a large though, thinking i can pair it with some heavy sweaters. 
and again--this dress...too perfect for words. no idea when and where i can wear it but i am looking forward to wearing it someday. 
i love you anna sui for target. and i'm glad i was able to buy some of your collection on sale at target this weekend.

happy monday!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

this week in outfits

i wasn't able to get too many pics this week of my puppy decided to learn how to run into the neighbor's yard through a weird little hole in the fence so outdoor pics are going to be hard for a while till that gets fixed or she stops doing it.

and...ny has been COLDDDDDDDD.

started out the week bundling up in lots and lots and lots of layers.
dress - old navy, sweater - no name, turtleneck and tights - h&m, boots - from my sister, scarf - $5 off the street

because this necklace is just so beautiful and breathtaking on its own, i decided a simple, all black outfit would be best.
dress - old navy, belt - my mother's old belt, tights - h&m, boots - aldo, necklace - thrifted (thanks P !)

this is what i wore to the circus. yes, you read that correctly--the circus! i got tickets from my job and took my mom, sister, nephew and boo. oh and please don't mind the messy messy room. i have not been motivated to clean. at all.
skirt - thrifted, turtleneck and tights - h&m, sweater vest - f21, belt - from my sister's closet (i think she got it off of etsy), necklace - gift from a friend 

happy friday the 13th party people! 
this weekend i plan on eating dinner with the boo, working, going to a fundraiser, sleeping, booking my vacation and more sleeping. i think i am in hibernation mode.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sketchbook project

been busting my butt lately trying to make some progress on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project over on the arthouse coop.
here's a taste of some stuff i've done so far. sorry for the poor quality pics...snapped them with my phone.
i'll be scanning and updating my flickr account tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


degas. my inspiration.
images found on google.

Monday, November 9, 2009

make up

unfortunately, i didn't take any pics of my awesome outfits from the weekend so i decided to take pics of my make up area. yes, it's messy as hell but this is where i go every morning to "put on my face", do my hair and throw on my jewelry.

happy monday!
 i hope yours didn't suck as much as mine did...(that's what happens when you have too much fun over the weekend).