Monday, March 9, 2009

the many styles of missDTM

a night out with my old roomie/wifey (nov. '08). black h&m dress, my wifey's belt, a blue bag from some shop in harlem, bright pink tights from h&m (too bad you can't see them!), and black shoes from a store in harlem.

a night out with my queens people (nov. '08). rocking an h&m turtleneck with an h&m dress.

i like to rock men's shirts with leggings (oct. '08). the belt i got from my mom. the shoes are michael kors.

my wifey's bday party (nov. '08). rocking a shirt and leggings from some store in harlem and shoes from payless (i love love love these...i need to wear them more often!).

modeling my DTM necklace that my sorority sister made for me (dec. '08). wearing an old navy sack dress, wife beater, sweater from my sister, my duck billed ll bean boots (damn, i wish you could see them too!) and lots and lots of bracelets.

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