Friday, April 3, 2009

"we're in college town!"


i spent last saturday night sober due to the insane amounts of work i needed to do on my headbands BUT at least i got to go out for a few hours with the ladies. 9th street and 2nd ave is definitely college town though...damn nyu students were packing all the bars. good thing i was out for a friend's bday, otherwise i would have bounced earlier than i did.

greatest part of the night was when a dude leaned in and tried a line from "the pick up artist." ummmm...i am the QUEEN of reality tv. leaning in while i'm texting and pulling a line like, "my boy was dumped via text today..." is not attractive once you've read "the game." sorry boys, but i've done my research.

outfit details: dress/shirt from my sister, purple leggings from payhalf, shoes are from my sister's closet, blazer is from abercrombie kids (haha) and the purse is from my mom.

i love that my mom and sister have such great style!

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