Sunday, May 24, 2009

the weekend's not quite over!

so far my weekend has consisted of:
  • riding around in the crv with dunkin. (she has the longest legs ever! haha)

  • flower making for my sorority sister's wedding:

(holler at my skillssssss)

can you believe each flower is made out of a few coffee filters, some floral tape and...that's it! such a creative way to put together center pieces for her wedding. we've made a few over 100 and still have about 200 more to make!

today i plan on:
  • spending time with the family
  • eating
  • relaxing after my 2 mile run
  • hoping to see the bf
  • renovating my room
i might need to take some before, during and after pics of that process. it's been a hot mess for a while...

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