Friday, January 29, 2010

random 7

i've been tagged by my sis, P, to do a random list of 7 things about myself...and this is gonna be hard! she knows, literally, everything about me (and then some) so i'm not sure this list will be totally new for her but hopefully it's new to you:

1. painting is a passion of mine but i actually think i stink at it. i often wonder, "what the hell did i learn in art school?"

2. i'm not a true hip hop fan at all. i don't know anything about it, don't care to, and i pretty much just listen to the catchy-pop-hip hop stuff.

3. my knowledge of classic movies is small. i've never seen the godfather or titanic or any other movie that people see or quote all the time. people wonder if i've been living in a hole my entire life until i tell them that some of my favorite movies are fight club, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, aladdin, and son-in-law (yes, i am referring to the pauly shore movie and no, i am not kidding).

 4. P's been crushing on her husband since she was 12 and strangely enough, i met my boo when we were both in the 8th grade (back in 1996!). i thought he was cute, he didn't talk to me, and i was over it (ok, there's more to that story but whatever....). who knew that over 10 years later we would start dating?

5. speaking of my boo, one day while i was poking around on fb, i realized that i share the most amount of friends with him. not even P can compare to the number of friends i have in common with him! it's scary.

6. i sleep with the tv on all night because i'm kinda scared of the dark. THERE! i said it.

7. in our minds, P and i are the latina mary-kate and ashley olson non-twins. she's ashley and i'm mary-kate (don't get it twisted though--i EAT!). but it's true--i'm the quirky, tomboyish one and she's the classy, girly one.

to end this post, here's a painting i did for P two years kinda looks like her!

so i tag-------ANYONE who would like to share 7 things about themselves!!!!!! i know, that's the easy way out of figuring out who to tag...all good though...because i would be interested in reading whatever other people would like to contribute about themselves.

happy friday!


Isquisofrenia said...

hahha omg love all your answers ands that paiting is amazing
i want one too
you should make me one hahah

oh yeah theres this chictopia thing for forever21 , i havnet been there in awhile but i saw it the other day

have a nice weekend!!!

urbanrhetoric said...

i also fall asleep with the tv on...the baby daddy gets annoyed all the time!


urbanrhetoric said...
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