Tuesday, November 9, 2010

nyc marathon

if you follow me on twitter, you know that on sunday i spent part of my day out in the cold streets of nyc rooting on the marathoners. 

i was attempting to track my amazing friend, udee, on his run when i realized he was at mile 18...so we checked the map and figured out that if we ran from 93rd st on the west side to 96th street on the east side, we'd be able to catch him before he ran his final miles in the park.

actual map of the run. 26+ miles!

while waiting for udee, i snapped this pic of 5th ave (around mile 23):

confession: there's something about events like marathons/olympics/world series that make me kinda teary eyed. i think it's the idea that people train their whole lives (or for a year) for this one event and it means so much to them...idk...i'm weird.

anyway, after waiting for 10 minutes, the boo and i saw udee go by so i gave him a HUGE hug. we then waited an hour and a half to see the boo's friend...which was awesome because we saw tons of people go by...but when he finally came around 95th street, we walked with him for a few blocks into the park...he was in a lot of pain but i'm damn impressed he did it.

going to check out the runners might become by new yearly thing to do...

...but i might need to do another half marathon this year....

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