Saturday, May 28, 2011

5.27.11 challenge day 4

Challenge 6. Bullet my day:

* woke up at 4:20am.
* left the house to catch a 5:18am metronorth train.
* meet Jessie in grand central to catch the 6 train to 68th st.
* meet up with cristina to get on a long line.
* 7am, allowed into summerstage where lady gaga is preparing for her performance on good morning america.
* 7:37am I try to get on tv because Sam champion did weather where I was standing. Mission: failed.
* 8am lady gaga goes flying over the heads of the audience singing "bad romance."
* 9am show is over so I walk across the park to catch a train for work.
* 10am make it to work. Need to clean.
* this part of the day is fuzzy because I was exhausted but I cut strips of plastic bags to make "yarn" for a bag I'm crocheting. Well, my coworker and I. And I ate a red velvet cupcake.
* 4pm we were allowed to leave! Went down to my boo's dad's house for a nap.
* nap over, went to the Bronx for karaoke that lasted 20 minute.
* went over to pier I to see if it was crazy. It was.
* ate at Ollie's. I love Ollie's.
* took the train down to le Poisson rouge for a friend's bday. Saw an old classmate there.
* headed back uptown and was asleep by 1:30am.

Yes, I should have posted this yesterday but I was a total zombie...
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