Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a chicago story

once upon a time, there was a lovely girl named missDTM who went out to chicago to visit her lovely bff.
 they did a lot of eating during this trip. but a major highlight of the trip was hugging a gray pit bull.
 while there, missDTM and her boo had the chance to visit the famous bean in millenium park.
 they also decided to dress up as an angry bird and the green pig. yes, they really went out and about in chicago in these outfits.
 the night was full of crazy costumes and wonderful friends.
 but missDTM's least favorite part was ripping off the crazy fake eyelashes she was wearing!
the freaking end.

yes, ladies and gents, i made my way to the midwest last week. if you follow me on twitter, you would know that i literally ate my way through the town. no seriously, i ate. a lot. and fell in love with chicago. ny is cool and all but chicago is affordable and cool. those are two things i looooooove.

another thing i love is halloween. why isn't it acceptable for grown folks to get dressed up in crazy costumes more often? and when/how can i host a dress up party of my own every month of 2012?!? definitely thinking about doing that....these eyelashes make me want to do it!

i know i have been terrible at blogging lately but it literally takes about 20 minutes to upload one pic. ok, i'm exaggerating, but for real - 20 minutes for these 6 pics. that's a long time! i've been trying to get the problem fixed but customer service sucks ass.

i will try and be better about blogging in these last few weeks of 2011. for real. the holidays are my favorite time of year anyway so i should be blogging more!


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