Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blogging break...?

with the upcoming holidays, friends visiting, a new year starting, i've decided to take a mini break from blogging to get things right.

i have an outfit post that i definitely should be doing before the week is up...but other than that, i probably won't blog again till 2010. i have a long list of people i need to catch up with (you all know who you are), plus a sketchbook to complete, 2 of my great great friends are visiting as well as my step niece, i'm going away for a few days, AND i still have presents to finish up.

in the meantime, i wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful and healthy time.

oh--and btw--i shut down my etsy shop. i am rethinking this process...and will be taking orders of headbands and art work via email. i'm also thinking about how to make my blog better--new layout, pics, etc.

i'll see all of you in 2010!!

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Sol said...

I'm back from my break, and wishing you Happy Holidays!