Thursday, December 3, 2009

bad habits...

maxwell's "bad habits" has been playing on repeat all week on my ipod.
i was trying to figure out what it is about the song that makes it so damn sexy.
his voice...?
the instrumentals...?
the sax...?
whatever it is, damn, i am addicted to this song for it's sexiness. and you won't catch me saying that about any song...i'm picky about what i find to be as sexy as this song...

tomorrow i'll be posting my outfits for the week. sorry for the sporadic/crazy/random posts lately. been so stressed out with work, my dog, being sick, life. i woke up this morning and realized i desperately need to relax so i don't allow this cold to take over my life.
stress is just not a good look.
especially since i want to look young as long as possible!
today starts my pledge to get back on my stress-free mood...


bananas. said...

eww i hate a stressful week. sorry hun. hope life eases up on you. hugs and loubies :)

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i cant listen to the song but ill you tube it hahhah
my laptop sux sometimes.
yay outfits posts


eveline fashion-diary said...

it's funny , right now i'm listening maxwells "pretty wings" :)

thank you for the comment !

Kendra said...

I hate stress.. just take it easy and it will be okay :)

come check me out and follow if you like :)

Raez said...

great song:)

xx raez