Wednesday, December 29, 2010

D's on hiatus

The boo complained about my lack of posting lately and my response was, "shut it!" It seems like the holidays took over full force and left me tired, stuffed, and pleasantly surprised by my mounds of gifts. I gotta give it to my family this year-i received some pretty amazing gifts that I just wasn't expecting.

I thought about featuring some of the goodies but there are just too many to do that. Gifts ranged from a new watch (from the boo), rainboots, books ("the joy of cooking" being one of them), a new ipod touch (my mom is amazing), lots of new jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets), a gift card, coffee, socks, and more stuff...I also received some amazing "merry christmas" friends are simply wonderful. I hope the ones who didn't hear from me understand...

But in short, this post is both an apology and an ending to this crazy 2010 year. I apologize for being a terrible, no good blogger and lacking in my posts (disclaimer-the boo will be upset to read that but it's my last chance to say things like that b/c in the new year I will no longer be down on myself. Booyah, 2011!). This post is also a goodbye to the year 2010, which brought forth some wonderful things and some truly terrible things. If people knew the actuality of what I've gone through in 2010, they...idk...maybe their heads would explode..?

Anyway, my goal for this upcoming year is to be positive so I am going to start signing off all blog posts w/ 3 things I'm grateful for (I have to thank the boo's mom for that idea):
1. My family. And by family that includes all friends that I think of as family. All of you rock.
2. My boo. Enough said (otherwise, you will all scream "barf!").
3. My accessory collection. Including my brand spanking new h&m ring that I snapped a pic of for this post. Holler.

That's all folks, till 2011. I'll be back after the new year w/ outfit posts, art, rings, crocheted creations and inspiration posts.

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