Friday, December 3, 2010

D's outfit

i said more outfit posts, and dammit, you'll get more outfits.

outfit details: gray sweater - given to me, beige sweater - thrifted, tights - AA, boots - old navy

 today is a double sweater day because i'm literally just going from the house, to the car, to michael's, to the car, to the thrift store, to the car, to target, to the car, and back home. so why do i need a coat? really? a waste of my precious granny coat.
don't mind my hair in these pics. i just washed it so it hasn't dried to it's full (and i mean FULL) potential. i need to run out of the house soon so i didn't have time to wait and then snap a pic.

happy friday though! i'm excited for the weekend mainly because i would like to sleep. and draw. i'm really excited about my recent set of drawings. can't wait to throw them up on the blog.

oh--and i updated the shop with 2 new rings, and 2 rings are on sale. and i ordered business cards. i'm a big girl now!

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