Friday, February 11, 2011

D's outfit

i've been feeling super sick all week s0 sleeping+work took over. the only fun thing i did all week was attend the laureluxe show on wednesday night which was AMAZING. i'm a twit and forgot to snap some pics so you'll just have to take my word for it when i say that everything was amazing and i loved all of her new pieces.

today is the kinda day where i wanted to be comfy but cute and not too hot in my coat. i'm actually going to join some folks at the bruckner bar and grill to watch them do karaoke. yours truly will not be singing. i don't think people want to hear my voice.

 leggings - AA, boots -, sweater+tank - free, skirt+scarf - h&m
 my hair has been doing strange stuff lately...even though it's actually getting long. this all natural process has taught me that i just can't fight my hair. it's gonna do what it wants to do.
silly pic of me today. i wanted to snap a pic of my necklaces today - the skull one was a gift, the bird's skull i purchased.
here's another shot of me trying to get my necklaces. i guess i should have done a closer up shot. btw--yes, i am indeed wearing 2 double finger rings today. because, i wanted to.

i'm hoping to post more when things settle down a bit for me. i'm also hoping to hang out with a certain someone again soon to talk fashion, hair and drinks. :)

happy friday, folks!

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