Monday, February 14, 2011

D's valentine's day outfit

i'm sorry, but i'm not a fan of valentine's day. yes, i think the whole idea is kinda cute but it makes me feel weird that people feel obligated to do something for their loved ones. shouldn't we be loving each other every day anyway? just my thought...

that being said, i will admit that i had a lovely 2 days with my boo. sunday we went to the sammy b fashion show, had brunch, then went for a long walk in the city before catching "blue valentine" in the theater. that movie was amazing. seriously. but not a love be prepared to see some real relationship stuff.

i wore this outfit on valentine's day:

outfit details: dress - UO (i've had it for a long time but don't wear it often), tights and turtleneck - h&m, boots -,  double finger ring - for sale here.

i shot these pics at night after a very long day at work and after work. i was tired. hence the glasses.

happy valentine's day, folks! whether or not you celebrate it, i hope you had an awesome day.

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