Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4.12.11 update and inspiration

i feel like i've been going on "GO" for the past month and a half. and it's actually starting to feel like i have barely had a day off to chill, sleep and relax. even when there are "fun things" going on, it's always followed quickly with other important responsibilities. i LOVE being busy...but i would also love to sleep...and relax...and...yea, all of that good stuff.

but i can't complain much. it's better to be busy than stagnant.

on another note, i miss making art. like, a lot. so i enrolled in an online sketchbooking course and have bought myself some books to get inspired. i am hoping to get back into art as the weather gets a lot nicer. i am also trying to convince some friends of mine to start a weekly art group so that i feel responsible to do art with folks. that would be sweet.

speaking of getting back in gear, here's some inspiration lately around the interwebs:

 solange's whole style lately is on point. 
 i.must.get.back.into.art. period.
 hello. i would love to make and wear all of these bracelets.
yes, i want these glasses. like, for real.

that's all, folks!

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