Monday, July 25, 2011


i'm not gonna lie - i've been a pretty terrible blogger this month. not only are my friends commenting on my lack of posts, but even i am starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

the only thing i can say about my absence is:

* kicking my butt.
* i'm trying to put some plans in place for myself.
* it's impossible to fit everything i want to do in 24 hours.
* sleep is no longer my friend...
* ...which makes me not get anything done.

but, i celebrated my birthday this month! since i didn't capture my very cute birthday outfit, i figured i would at least showcase my awesome gifts:

 this "black book" is my new...
...ipad! i am in loveeeeeeeeeee. my fam pitched in and got it for me. i'm a lucky girl.
amazing jewelry:

 my mom got me the earrings and my sister got me the "d" necklace.

the cuatro (a 10-stringed spanish guitar) from my cousin...he'll be happy i posted this.

so yea, that's what's up. 

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mfortune said...

yay, I've missed you :-)