Friday, July 8, 2011

no eye makeup

i have a confession to make: i love eye makeup. 
it's almost to the point of obsession. maybe it's the artist in me that loves playing around with eye makeup? which is why you will probably never catch me leaving the house without mascara, eyeliner and some eye shadow on. either way, this obsession started years ago (after college) when i first started experimenting with makeup.

but, here is a pic of yours truly with no eye makeup on:

there is, of course, a story behind why i am not wearing any eye makeup in this pic (and why my eye looks so funny in this pic). late last night, something got into my eye and i desperately tried to get it out for over an hour. i started freaking out, the boo took me to the ER and 2 hours later i returned home with a numb eyeball. i woke up 2.5 hours later to get up for work and my eye still had the sensation of something being in it. so i started to worry even more.
i went to work, called my primary doctor, set up an appointment for 12:20 and ran over there. my doc didn't even look at my eye--she immediately sent me to the optometrist where they did the normal eye tests (20/20 vision, holler!) and then the doc examined me. i have a strange fear of anyone putting drops in my eyes or touching my eyes or flipping my eyelids so i was bugging out inside. luckily, doc was really sweet and promised to get me all better before my bday on monday. she did end up flipping my lid and found the teeny tiniest of smut under there and removed it. i was given some antibiotic eye drops and sent on my way.
i figured i would take a break from eye makeup for the next day or two until my eye feels better. i am hoping to be all better by my bday on monday (even though when i asked the boo about doing dinner on monday. he looked at me as though i have 15 heads...sigh). but here i am--no eye makeup, on my blog. hopefully i don't look too crazy/weird looking/blah. 

on another note, check out my new skull necklace. yes, i made it myself. 

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