Tuesday, August 2, 2011

second of the monthhhhhhhhh

received a ton of compliments about my dress today...and i was feeling good about my outfit except for the mixing of patterns. i wore it anyway to see if i liked it by the end of the day but i'm not sure i did.
 outfit details: sweater - vans, dress - UO
 i also wore my spanking new camera necklace (from f21) and some girl on the train complimented me and then her friend actually touched my longer necklace. i wanted to be like, "WHAT!!!!" but she was kinda young so i had to let that go.
the pattern up close...

TGIA! (thank goodness it's august!)
although, i have a feeling things are about to get verrrrrrrrrrry interesting in the life of DTM...

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urbanrhetoric said...

ahem, ahem...i think your readership wants to see pics of your long necklace and with credit given to, ahem ahem, yours truly. imjustsaying.