Sunday, November 20, 2011

new picture taking spot

 my favorite skirt - f21, tshirt - h&m, sweater - no name, boots - via

dress - from my sister's closet, turtleneck - h&m, boots - target (i have been LIVING in these boots), turban headband - f21

trying to find a good spot to take outfit pics has taken...3 months? yes, 3. but i think i found a spot i like where i can take some awesome pics - the balcony of our apartment.
if you didn't know before, i moved in with my mom back in august which has been awesomeeeee. she makes me coffee in the morning before i head out to work, salads for lunch and dinner, we go food shopping together, buy hotpants, watch really bad tv at night. and the other day she decided she wants to pick up crocheting again. i love that we can spend so much time together.

hopefully, with this new spot i'll be better about blogging. kinda sorta. our internet still royally sucks.

1 comment:

urbanrhetoric said...

i'm biased towards brick walls but i love the outside shot. and pick your head up! you are too pretty to look down.

~your big sis