Thursday, December 8, 2011

my wishlist (kinda sorta)

i love online shopping because you don't have to commit to buying anything and most everything looks amazing. i love scrolling through items and picking out the things i would buy if i had a bottomless wallet of cash and a very large closet. seriously. that would be amazinggggggg.

so here's my kinda sorta wishlist of things i have been scooping out:

because turbans are the new black. duh.

because i need new pens to write with. even though i have a million.

what girl doesn't need a duck crown?!? i would wear this while sitting on my couch reading blogs. seriously.
(i'm bummed it's already sold out!)

if you know me, you know i'm a bit of an astronomy nerd. i love the cosmos. so the idea of wearing the cosmos is even more amazing.

i vow to learn how to sew. there are just too many awesome things i could create that would compliment my crocheting. 

i love to hide my food belly. ok, i don't really have a food belly but when i think i do, i like to hide it. and this dress/shirt thing would do just the trick.

what's on your wishlist? (that i can now add to my wishlist...?!?)

1 comment:

urbanrhetoric said...

i LOVE that babooshka tee...i love her etsy.