Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sick days

i have been home, very sick, for this whole entire week. and not in the "i have a fever and my nose is about to fall off sick" but more of the type of sick where you get stuck in the bathroom several times during the day. TMI? well deal with it. this is what happens when you have cabin fever.

but while i was sick, i was able to look at pretty pictures online and think of things i want to make/buy. my pinterest and tumblr were busy. there are a few updates on there that should make people happy.

and then i came across old love via orchid grey's twitter.

sigh...what great celeb pics of couples that used to be.

some of my favs:

btw--i wish johnny depp and winona ryder would get back together. they were a quirky and cute couple.

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