Tuesday, February 23, 2010

dance, dance

if you follow me on twitter, you would know that i have some thoughts about omarion judging "america's best dance crew" this season...honestly, i can give better critique about dancing than he does. 
but that's not the point of this post.

the crews actually aren't that bad this season. some are a little gimmicky BUT i am totally impressed by this performance:

their pre-interview was CORNYYYYY but they really danced their butts off.

my prediction for who might win it this season based on the first episode is:
the blueprint crew and heavy impact.
i think jungle boogie and the drama crew are dope but they don't have it in them to win it.


xo, Alexi said...

i haven't seen any episodes this season, but i LOVE THIS SHOW!!! it's so incredible, what they do. i'm supposed to get togehter with some friends to watch it on thursday.

Maskenlady said...


bananas. said...

i've only seen a few episodes but i will have to politely disagree. i like omarion WAY better than shane sparks. shane was a perv and only liked when bootie shaking was involved.

i haven't watched enough to make any predicitions but just from what i've seen...they are better than last year. thank GAWD!