Monday, February 8, 2010

new stuff

if you haven't noticed, i've been avoiding the outfit posts lately. part of it is that i'm totally rethinking my "look" lately. but, a major part of it is that it's hard to do outfit posts when tons of other bloggers do it and they do it better. sigh...

enough about my bruised little ego though. 

i am totally excited about this new mac i received for christmas and have been playing around with photo booth on it. SWEET! so for today's post, i give you:


turquoise ring from banana republic, feather ring was a gift from my boo, and the gold band is my grandfather's wedding band.

holler at your girl.

other than that, this weekend i saw "legion" and was totally freaked out by the weird scary scenes and the bad acting. 
religious, scary movies--NOT my thing.

i kinda wish we had gone to see "up in the air" instead...
but i wasn't in the mood to cry...

 or even "dear john" (although it was a triple date and i highly doubt the boys would have been ok with that one).
GREAT eye candy here.

triple dates are fun...especially when the movie theater sells white cherry slushies!

happy monday to all!

(new macs are too much fun)


Isquisofrenia said...

how fun!!!
thats awesome
i really miss you outfits
you look so pretty here
and i have to see this movies


bananas. said...

turquoise rings and new macs...FAB-U-LOUS!!!