Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my dad

what has my dad taught me?

Standing makes you grow taller.
It's ok to make mistakes.
Sometimes it takes a mullet and a playboy earring to make your spouse happy.
When your muffler rolls down a hill after picking up your daughter from field hockey practice, you laugh and say, "there goes the muffler!"
How to be both brave and strong.
It's ok to give your daughter $20 on her 22nd bday and say, "have a drink on me."
At times, advocating for yourself means walking out on your job.
When the mood hits, sometimes you just need to make a drink, throw on headphones and your old records and sing at the top of your lungs-offkey.
The best and most effective way to put the lights on the christmas tree is always up and down, not around.
It's ok to let your spouse dress you up as peewee herman or a woman for halloween. That's love.
Pizza before a bbq is a smart idea since you never know how bad the food might be.
Men should always cook dinner.
Even though the yankees are the greatest baseball team ever, you don't need to convince the whole world.
How to love. Hard.

RIP, dad. 
i miss you already.