Monday, July 26, 2010


after a lot of internal debate, i FINALLY decided to get a devacut.
well, i kinda had to be pushed a little to do it from my sis but still. i did it!

but i didn't have to go far downtown to get it. i actually found a devacut hair specialist right here in my hood at salon zoe.

this was, by far, the BEST hair cut experience i've had in a really long time. 
my stylist, angela, started out with a consultation and asked me to take her through my hair regimen. if you know me, i have been trying to perfect this for some time. she actually told me that my routine is fine...and sent me straight to get my hair washed.

she checked out my hair again and told me i had beautiful curls. i've been feeling insecure about my curls for a while now and it was nice to hear a specialist tell me how nice my curls are. (happy dance).  she did some cutting, then sat me under the dryer to see how my curls looked, and then cut some more.

and VIOLA.


i was so happy with the result, i have been convinced to buy the devacut shampoo. it's magical. and i've been searching for a really good shampoo for some time now. so regardless of price, i think i am seriously going to add the devacut shampoo to my regimen.

i'll stick with my conditioner, giovanni, though. i like it. and i am still going to do my avocado conditioner treatment once a week but without the added olive oil. she told me that too much oil will dry up my hair.

but i am in the market for a new leave-in conditioner. all suggestions will be taken into serious consideration (if the product is ALL NATURAL!).

besides my wonderful salon experience, i also got a tattoo this weekend. if you follow me on twitter, i twitpic'd it. check it out...

happy monday, folks!

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