Thursday, July 8, 2010

D's catch up

i totally dropped the ball on blogging over the weekend. sorry folks! being in virginia for a wedding kinda kills any and all attempts to blog.

hope this pic makes up for it! 
it's me and the boo at the wedding we attended over the weekend. you can't tell, but i was SWEATING in this dress all day. it was so freaking hot. and my hair--don't even get me started on how my 'do was so inappropriate for a bus ride to the wedding with all of the windows open. EKK.

somehow, this pic still looks super cute.

outfit details: dress and belt from my sister's closet. 
oh--and this week is FLYING by. how is tomorrow friday already?


itsMG said...

Loove the pic! =)

And the week is short b/c we had a loong weekend! =)

Ria said...

Aw, you both look lovely!

Tell me about the time flying, I've been here for two days and seen nothing of my beloved city! London awaits!! (and theme park tomorrow, YAY!)

Sol said...

aw you guys look lovely! Pat and i are starting to think about our wedding, and we're planning it for next March... i do hope it doesn't get too hot because there's nothing worse that being all dolled up in a formal dress, hair and make up and feeling sweat running through your body. disgusting, i know, but true!
yo look great though, it doesn't even look like you're suffering because of the weather.