Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D's green boots

the final days of my green boots is quickly approaching and i am super sad. i've worn them a lot since last year which means that they are starting to rip. i would be sadder if it weren't for the fact that just today i purchased a beautiful pair of camel colored flat boots thanks to SWIRL

 last night, i was seriously starting to hyperventilate thinking about replacing them. and viola--swirl had the most awesome sale ever today.

in the meantime, i will be wearing and enjoying my green boots.

outfit details: gray dress and tights - h&m, boots - my favorite!, scarf - $5 off the street, new ring - made by me.

and for the record, fahrenheit 451 is amazing. i can't believe that i have never read it in my life.
another fyi--i added 2 boxes to the right side of my blog: one for books i am currently reading and one for books i've read. i just started the list but you can check it out. not sure if i'll backtrack and list all of the books i've read. but for now, you can check it out.

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