Wednesday, October 6, 2010

D's outfit

this weather in nyc is depressing. it's been raining, cloudy, gray and just straight up gloomy. so in an attempt to brighten up my day a bit, i decided to wear a bright colorful dress:

with a leather jacket that was a hand me down that i am in LOVE with.
outfit details: dress, belt, boots, scarf and tights - h&m, sweater - gap, jacket - from a friend

btw--i've been wearing my hair slicked back for a few reasons. first of all, my workout routine requires me to workout 6 days a week and it's so intense that i sweat like a beast after so i have to wash my hair. and secondly, this rainy weather is a major bummer for my (already) large hair. so, i throw on the conditioner, pull it back, and call it a day.

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