Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D's outfit


sometimes, i choose outfit posts based on whether or not my mom compliments my outfit. no lie.
and last week, she LOVED this outfit:
outfit details: shirt - h&m, skirt - old navy, scarf - $5, boots - almost done! :(, belt - my mom's!

here's an added pic of me and my doggie:
because she's so cute.

btw--i am completely obsessed with rihanna's red hair in the only girl video...the song is pretty dope too.
if i had it on my ipod, i would play it on repeat.

and another btw--i opened a shop on bigcartel to sell my double finger rings. items on sale can be viewed here on my finger and are selling here.
(don't mind my ghetto pics and layout...i don't have photoshop or illustrator on my laptop so i made it work...)

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