Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3.30.11 outfit

my sister bought me an awesome red AA skirt so i decided to wear it today with all gray:

outfit details: skirt and headband - AA, tights and tshirt - h&m, shoes - aldo, sweater - no name, scarf - street vendor 

i completely cleaned my room so now i have a few more options for where i can take outfit pics :)

on a totally different note,
to buy this ring, or not to buy this ring. that is the question:


Anonymous said...

I like your wallpaper! I think the ring is super cute, would you wear it often? That skirt looks like it is going be very versatile.

urbanrhetoric said...

i ended up loving this color red. probably the best skirt on the rack. go me.

and i just emailed you about the ring.