Monday, March 14, 2011

d's shorts

Finally got around to posting the shorts I made for the boo's birthday back in january. I don't have a pattern for them since I made them as I went along but I can tell you this:

*there is actually an elastic waistband there.
*the main stitch is a fan-like stitch.
*the butt and front part were worked separately.
*side panels were done row-by-row on either side with a puff stitch.
*this took me 2 long evenings and probably a total of 10 hours.
*I'm super proud of these.

I would like to make a dress next but I need a reason to make one...Still thinking about how to do that anyway. I started something but right now there's only a shoulder piece.

Anyway, I might have a recipe for all of you later this week. I cooked a little something-something that I'm definitely proud of.

Btw-I'm blogging from my phone. I love my new phone.

Happy Monday!
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