Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i am a super duper huge fan of these boots i saw on mr. kate:
and i had to DIY them for myself.

so, here's my process for making my own version of those.

cowboy boots
2 belts
sewing kit

i took a pair of steve madden cowboy boots i bought a really long time ago and folded them over.

i like symmetry so i made sure i choose materials that i would be able to cut in half and use on both (except for the belts).
from left to right:
2 belts from my dad, a really long belt from mexico that i've never worn, a belt from a dress i owned a long time ago from h&m, a red leather string with some skull beads, a bandana and some beads.
 close up:

step 1:
i cut the bandana in half and tied it to the boot.

step 2:
because i'm terrified of stuff falling off the boots, i actually sewed the edge to both boots:

step 3:
i tied the mexican belt to both pairs of boots. i didn't reinforce it by sewing it because i knew there was going to be a bunch of other stuff on top of it (plus - i sewed a little in the next step).

step 4:
i sewed one edge of the other belt to the boots. i mainly did that because after i cut this belt in half, i knew that i wouldn't be able to tie it around the boot the way i would have liked to.
so instead, i wrapped the material around the boot and tied the edge to the bandana:

after i tied the leather string with skull beads, this is what the back of the boots looked like: 

 step 5:
i made holes in the belts because the ones on them weren't at the right location on the belt (i didn't take pics of this process because i used a hammer and a nail and it was dangerous). then i wrapped the belts around the boots twice.

VIOLA! the finished boot: 

i can't wait to wear these out!

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