Saturday, September 10, 2011


i had a hard time posting these pics the other night so i'm finally getting around to doing it now.

i've never attended NY FNO but this year i decided that i NEEEEEEEEEDED to go. although i was feeling nervous about it because i hate crowds and worry about how unfashionable i look, i decided to head out and brave it. i'm glad i did!

you can see my pics from the night on my tumblr or twitter.

here's my outfit though:

 outfit details: skirt & indian head necklace - f21, shirt - old navy (i cut this to make it a cropped top), shoes - rainbow (they're way too big for me though so if you want to buy them off of me for $20, email me!), clock necklace - street vendor

isn't this bracelet AMAZING!!! my seriously talented friend/old roomie, created by fortune, gave it to me. you can get one for yourself here.

the basics of my night:
* checked out the laureluxe piece at the pratt manhattan alum show. it was AMAZING!
* tried to get into the alexander mcqueen store but the line was ridiculous. so i kept it moving.
* walked around the meatpacking district and did some serious people watching. i love people watching.
* didn't buy a damn thing.

not sure i would ever seriously do FNO again...maybe i would do it to people watch...? idk...the jury is still out on that...

happy NYFW!!

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