Saturday, December 31, 2011


i've been thinking long and hard about my resolutions for 2012, especially since i keep falling off of the blogging bandwagon. what goals do i have for myself in the new year? 

update my look. in 2012, i will be turning 30 and i think it's about time to start dressing as an adult. ok, i don't entirely mean that. i kinda sorta want to look a little more like an adult. but i would really love to mix the stuff i like with more classic pieces for a fun, more updated look. i love old lady style but i don't want to be an old lady yet.

make art/crafts. and i mean that literally. i just want to make. i would love love love to keep a daily art journal, but that seems way more ambitious than i am ready for. but i guess the benefits of doing that daily would be that i can get rid of all of the crappy stuff floating around in my head and finally get to the good stuff. so for now, i'll settle for making art/crafts daily. 

stay inspired. i want to make sure every day is so inspiring that i just HAVE to make something. i guess this resolution and the one above it go hand in hand.

lose 10 pounds by my 30th bday. i have 6 months. i can do this. (and i don't want to hear the - "you're so skinny, why do you need to lose 10 pounds?!?" questions. i would like to be at a healthier weight for my height. BOOM!)

take more pictures. i have a new camera, i should be playing around with the settings and documenting my life. plus, i want to go back to using my old manual camera as well. lots to take pics of.

blog. because, i really want to blog. i just find that "i have no time" or my internet is so damn slow. but blogging has been great for me to see my progression and so i would like to be better at keeping it up.

stop being so damn shy about what i do / who i am / what i know / how wonderful i am. that's pretty self explanatory.

now i'm off to play some board games, listen to music and have some drinks with my buddies before the ball drops. enjoy your NYE and have a wonderful 2012!!


urbanrhetoric said...

great resolutions!


Lindsay K said...

Great resolutions. I love your honesty. Best wishes!!!