Friday, December 2, 2011

week in outfits

i took pics this week! i'm pretty proud of myself...especially since this week was one hell of a week. i'm not sure what was in the water or how full the moon was, but it was so freaking busy/crazy/hectic. there wasn't a single day i didn't go to bed before 12:30, some days i even went to bed at 2am. it was terrible. i need my sleep. and i won't be sleeping this weekend. sad panda.

i tried to look at the camera a little this week and smile (since my sis requested that). eh. not sure i'm feeling it.

this is right before i dropped my camera on the balcony concrete. d'oh. it was not pretty. my friend suggested i get a gorilla tripod and now i really really really really want one. 
shirt - vintage (used to be my mom's), skirt - AA, tights - duane reade (seriously).
 FYI - i didn't wear shoes in this pic because the ones i was going to wear were already at work.

loved this outfit this week. comfy and layered - my 2 favorite reasons for loving the winter.
 skirt - f21, sweater and shirt - h&m, necklace - f21 (got a ton of compliments about this necklace), ring finger ring - my parents gave me that when i was in hs, pointer finger ring - h&m.

awesome wrinkled outfit. seriously, i was super wrinkled. and i refused to iron.
dress - from my sis, turtleneck - h&m, boots - UO, scarf - street vendor.

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

I really like outfit #2, its just so cozy. I've been thinking about getting a maxi skirt to wear this winter but I never know what to wear on my feet. A good shootie would work but I don't own any.

urbanrhetoric said...

LOVE outfit #2. might have to try it myself...and it is awesome to SEE your face!