Friday, March 2, 2012

cuff it up

i'm not sure why i say things like, "i'm giving up shopping for lent!" not only did i order so many things before making that promise to myself that i have stuff STILL coming to me via mail, but my sister gave me 5 pairs of shoes and a new skirt at her house today.

yea, that's my life.

outfit details: denim shirt and playboy bunny earring - my dad's, belt - target, jeggings - levi's, cuff earring - h&m, boots - modcloth (my sis bought them for me)

i've had an insane obsession with ear cuffs lately and i was happy when i snagged this one from the h&m by my job right before lent. i really want a large cuff for my upper ear but i'll have to wait and purchase that after easter. i guess that gives me time to find the perfect one...?

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